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Gnome Invasion Part Three will be available:

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Gnome Invasion Part Three

Achievement Hunter: Gnome Invasion Part Three

Geoff and Griffon show you where to find the 50 gnomes hidden around Albion to get the Gnome Invasion Achievement in Fable 3.

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Comments (6)

  • IrvingCastro

    5 years ago

    Thank god for all of these videos

  • youngjayzoe

    7 years ago

    I was lost for a minute trying to find the orphanage. Turns out I made it a Whore House.

  • SuperNawhalz

    7 years ago

    Did they go to that "farm" before, or after you shot them in the face?

  • Matchow

    7 years ago

    "Daddy do all gnomes go to heaven."
    "Depends kiddo..."
    All gnomes would be in my heaven.
    Yelling at me and calling me names.

  • samurai1342

    7 years ago

    Actually, Geoff, its 0.6 Gamerscore per gnome.

  • Hiago

    7 years ago


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