Fly Swatter

Achievement Hunter: Fly Swatter

Jack and Geoff show you how to get the Fly Swatter Achievement in Assassin's Creed 2.

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Comments (18)

  • Nwiebz

    6 years ago

    At the pause menu, you can click on DNA. There, you can click on the memories you'd like to replay. (At least that's how it is in the future games.)

  • Kindan

    7 years ago

    words of wisdom

  • shipo3000

    8 years ago

    hey i didn't kick the guy the first time and i already beat the game, does that mean i have to start a new play through or can i go replay the level and if so how? some body please send me a message telling me

  • jchisin

    8 years ago

    Oh my god it is so hard.(jk)

  • oscary5

    8 years ago

    well that acheivment was easy nd yea i did do that in the real world well we can say i got away after

  • Hype_manafov

    8 years ago

    Why does technology go so fast...

  • bane916

    8 years ago

    hey some of these videos for AC@ are pritty easy achivments. i was wondering ifu could make a video for the 3 race things in DNA 9 i think the ones to get the golden mask. i cant for the life of me beat them

  • OldeEnglish

    8 years ago

    In reply to Isocryd, #9:

    I wanted to kick a guy in the real world, but i'm lacking the DaVinci flying machine...

    Now I've just gotta find that museum...

  • MadeMaster

    8 years ago

    Yes..... AC2 ..... wtf

    show some more MW2

  • Isocryd

    8 years ago

    I wanted to kick a guy in the real world, but i'm lacking the DaVinci flying machine...

  • pumawalrus FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    8 years ago

    In reply to GeoffreyCove, #6:

    no but you might get the achievement for being sued for all yor money
    totally worth it though

  • SavageHunter

    8 years ago

    Heard Jack complaining that people keep getting online when he's doing achievement hunter Vids on the Drunk Tank. If you set your online status to busy you should get no notifications except achievments. I could be wrong though. Just trying to help.

  • mc421

    8 years ago

    do i still get the achievement if i kick a real guy?

  • 1coopdog2

    8 years ago

    Thanks Geoff..... i wish i would have this achievement by now but my Xbox got the RROD..... on the second day i got the game...

  • theironpaw

    8 years ago

    Great advice Geoff, words of wisdom. star.png

  • falsepromise

    8 years ago

    ok who has bail money

  • potatopado

    8 years ago

    I tried... I got charged.... thanks Geoff..

  • RayHudson

    8 years ago

    I tried kicking a guy in the real world. It doesn't end well. It's even worse when you do it twice on the same guy.

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