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Dragon Age Origins: Dragonslayer

Achievement Hunter: Dragon Age Origins: Dragonslayer

Gus shows you an easy strategy to get the Dragonslayer achievement

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Comments (22)

  • qman6834

    5 years ago


  • PhilB

    5 years ago

    i personally used a level 13 rogue with "ranger" specialization. i summoned a bear. i also had from the suggestion taht Druu65 had with Wynne, Morrican, and Shale. if leveled properly and with enough health potions, you can outlast the sucker using ice arrows and arrows of andraste.

  • Guyveromega

    6 years ago

    having raise and mass heal with Morrigan helps speed the battle up a bit.

  • Mardini101

    6 years ago

    Wow lool get Blizzard

  • Druu65

    7 years ago

    XD i found that battle easy i used wynne me (warrior) morrigan and shale :P at lvl 17

  • john_nova

    7 years ago

    There is a spell that Morrigan uses that would've also been useful where it can freeze the dragon for 5 or so seconds. Seeing my main was a rogue it was useful.

  • AAbipolar

    7 years ago

    I found that in conjunction with Wynne healing and Leliana using ranged weapons (put her in a hold stance at a safe distance), Shale proved to be the most useful, if he is a high level or has been power leveled up as was my case. Equip a Large brilliant Nature crystal (weapon + Health regeneration) and a Large brilliant Ice crystal (armour + stamina regeneration). Shale acts at the super tank and can take a lot of damage. In my play though I beat the high dragon with my Warrior and Shale alone after Wynne and Leliana died. (Note* I think I got the regeneration with the crystals mixed.)

  • SeanCampbell

    7 years ago

    This fight is actually not that hard. Just fliip the difficulty to casual and your party won't get killed quite so fast.

    Also, I do not recommend using a powerleveled character to do this with since it'll just scale the dragon up to be as tough as you. I made that mistake in my fight with Mega-Flemeth.

  • staroka

    7 years ago

    wow that was a long fight. strategy worked, although i had no healing potions. thank goodness i taught my mage to heal! >_< (lvl 14)

  • leku623 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    8 years ago

    I gave everyone a bow and stuck em on ranged when I was around the same level as you were. Nobody died. It took maybe two minutes.

  • The8thOrigin

    8 years ago

    Also, if you kill it with a melee character you get a badass kill animation.

  • The8thOrigin

    8 years ago

    If you're playing a melee character you can easily fight the dragon. Its strongest attacks are from its head and tail, so if you stay on the side of the dragon you'll only be hit by some annoying knockback kicks. Its easy to do since the dragon doesn't turn to face you constantly. Also having Wynne in the party is helpful for her heal spells.

  • LiK

    8 years ago

    an easy achievement, i switched the difficulty to Easy and got Wynne to heal my party. and also have Leliana use a bow and arrow for additional offense. got it on my first try, heh.

  • ComanderClaw

    8 years ago

    Unfortunately for you Gus, it took me 74.5 hours to complete Dragon Age, but then again I got the 75% quest completion achievement. But it is totally worth it.

  • Emperium

    8 years ago

    I know everyone wants and is playing the new Modern Warfare, but this game is really fun. And Gus, Geoff just walks away from you cause he loves you.

  • Zarker FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    8 years ago

    I just killed the dragon on nightmare difficulty. It's an insane fight but if you have a main character a mage healer and Wynne with a ranged dps and Alistor tanking it, it's fairly easy. I think I went through 40 health pots and even more lyrium pots

  • paneerakbari

    8 years ago

    Take a party with Wynne, a ranged fighter, a melee fighter, and as many lyrium potions as you can get together. Set Wynne's combat tactics so that she'll use lyrium potions when her mana drops below 25%, and so that she'll heal any party member with less that 50% health. Make sure your melee fighter has some heavy aggro activated, and set your ranged fighter next to Wynne (that is, out of harm's way).

    The dragon is immune to fire damage, and seems to be resistant to cold, so electricity, nature, and spirit are your best options for inflicting extra damage. If possible, try to weaken it against other types of damage. Be sure to equip everyone with fire protection. Should be a lot quicker and easier than 12 minutes.

  • hibob

    8 years ago

    hey dude u made it way harder then it was all i did it with my mage and morrigan then i had Alistair and the red haired dwarf had them get of different sides of him then i casted death cloud and that electrical storm on him that knocked him down quick then i had my 2 mages on different sides of him and the 2 melee classes on his front and back only the 2 melees died also he has more positions.

  • Hype_manafov

    8 years ago

    that look sick how the dragon came out of nowhere

    its also sick how u pick ur story cause its always different

  • Draven609

    8 years ago

    One of the main reasons why I want this game is so I can kill a dragon but this video makes me rethink things. If i wanted a 6 hour fight I'd pop in my FF12 disc and do the last bounty hunting mission.

  • church3186

    8 years ago

    In reply to yves0010, #1:

    It is way harder because it's optional. The way I did it was with Wynne, healing the party as I fought.

  • yves0010

    8 years ago

    I still couldnt beat that thing lol and I beat Dragon Age already... I thik its harder then the final boss