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Chain Smoker will be available:

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Chain Smoker

Achievement Hunter: Chain Smoker

Jack and Geoff show you how to get black lung and the Chain Smoker achievement in Saboteur.

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Comments (15)

  • RippedBass

    7 years ago

    u can press the left stick to make him start smoking

  • talk8500

    7 years ago

    Just to let u know u don't have to wait u can hold in the left stick and he will pull out a cig and start to smoke it I got the achievement in like. 30 min this way. It's way easier. Good vid thoo

  • AtelC

    7 years ago

    Another way is while you're stantding still if you click the left analog stick you smoke.

    Nevermind, accidentialy skipped the post that said thisalready, sorry.

    Post edited 12/26/09 10:14PM

  • JohnPrindle

    7 years ago

    So THAT'S how you smoke.Thanks.

  • JerryPRHS

    7 years ago

    Hey... Gav!! I miss Gus having him as a chew toy on the podcasts... :(

  • slycam47

    8 years ago

    Q: Waste two AA batteries for 5G,is it really worth it
    A: Why not

  • ElectroBear

    8 years ago

    That's crazy 4 hours! :S

  • AZ_Vagabond

    8 years ago

    Damn Gavin always crashing in on Jack....

  • MadyWS FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    8 years ago


  • Kukakkau

    8 years ago

    I left for 2 hours and only had 67 smoked when i got back

    Also you can click left stick when standing still to smoke one then take a step when he inhales and it will count 1 cigarette. Moves alot faster doing this but you need patience

  • bxbitbx

    8 years ago

    In reply to bxbitbx, #4:

    nevermind im stupid it would say please reconnect controller

  • bxbitbx

    8 years ago

    i don't have the game but could you save battery life by just turning off the controller or will the game notice that?

  • rudy95

    8 years ago

    this is the COOLEST achievement.

  • xAndrenx

    8 years ago

    Mmm...I do love that butt.

  • Nibsmaster94

    8 years ago

    I really want to know why this is an achievement it just seems kinda random, but cool vid anyway