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Audiophile, Happy Ending?, Phase 1/2 will be available:

  • For FIRST Members - 7 years ago
  • For Members - 7 years ago
  • For everyone - 7 years ago

Audiophile, Happy Ending?, Phase 1/2

Achievement Hunter: Audiophile, Happy Ending?, Phase 1/2

Fragger shows us how to get Audiophile, Happy Ending and Phase 1/2 in Splatterhouse.

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Comments (6)

  • s46137113

    7 years ago

    Hah, his ''journal'' is just pics of boobs by the looks of things. Might go look at my ''journal'' now lol Seriously more games need collectables that you actually want to find.

  • cof031va

    7 years ago

    In reply to derth44, #3:

    plent of games have nudity, like dante's inferno

  • ShallowBay91

    7 years ago

    Wait wait wait wait...

    You're telling me Splatterhouse lets you beat enemies to a bloody pulp with your own severed body parts AND it gives gamerscore for BOOBIES?!

    Why do I not own this game yet??

  • Arcaded

    7 years ago

    Jenifer's hair went from blond to black

  • derth44

    7 years ago

    hey they stole from god of war! only god of war is allowed to have nudity!

  • Epiphone07

    7 years ago

    Yay, Fragger should definateley be featured more often :)