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  • RWBY Grim eclipse: The game

    4 hours ago


    Hello everyone! I wanted to get this off my chest and say I wish Rooster Teeth would add more content to their RWBY game. Yes, I know they are working on the RWBY series and other animations but, I just wish they would add other characters and more content for the game since I play it ALOT. Me and probably other people would like to have their favorite characters added into the game like Neo, Cinder, Ember, and Roman. Hope you guys at Rooster Teeth read this and have a good. smile

  • Jaune Arc as.... Cinder Fall [Video]

    2 days ago

    HiroNinja FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    Jaune Arc voices Cinder Fall.

    I made a thing. Expect more things.

  • RWBY Volume 5

    4 days ago


    So far so good I'm enjoying the conversations in the show because It's talking about how Raven wants to settle the deal with Cinder but also planning to escape from them to abandon the deal. And I can't wait till Team RWBY comes back again. Bring on the next episode Rooster Teeth I'm ready :) xx

  • A Perfect Storm

    1 week ago


    The brand new episode of RWBY goes live this morning! I have no doubt we are in for a terrific episode if the title reveals anything about what will happen. Unless it is referring to the Wolfgang Peterson film, which would means that all of our characters will be perishing in the middle of the ocean. 

    I doubt that will happen though. 

    I would love to hear everyones thoughts on the new episode and what about this show strikes closest to your heart. 

    P.S. I'll share why this shows means so much to me too:) 

  • My Huntress Academia

    1 week ago



    Mashup of RWBY and My Hero Academia. 

    Yang as Bakugo 

    Ruby as Midoriya 

    Weiss as Todoroki 

    Blake as Tokayami

  • Beacon Academy Line

    1 week ago

    Zac_Fox eCommerce Buyer/Planner

    Growing up I was definitely a X-Men kid, and as such I wanted nothing more than to attend Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.  Any time I could find a shirt with just the Xavier's School emblem on it as apposed to the big colorful characters, I'd snatch that up.  I guess you can say I've always been more drawn to 'in world' merchandise.  Items that look like my favorite character might wear in their day to day life, instead of the flashy stuff worn to fight crime/save the world.

    Over the past decade or so these kinds of pop culture in world items have become a lot easier to find.  This is the stuff that I absolutely love.  The shirts, hoodies, and pieces of jewelry that subtly show off which characters and stories you connect with.  It's a much more personal connection, one that lets someone feel like they can be a part of their favorite world.

    It's that personal connection that I've been pushing over the past several months while working on the Beacon Academy Collection.  That feeling of belonging by owning the day to day wear of a hero, yourself also now becoming an incognito superhero.  A shirt or hoodie that you could buy from a campus gift shop if you actually lived in the Kingdom of Vale.  I've felt like we've been missing that part in our RWBY merch for awhile now, and that taking this idea and applying it to the institution of Beacon Academy just made perfect sense.

    Yes, Beacon Academy may be in shambles and our heroes may be miles from home, but I'm willing to bet that someone in the group is carrying one of these Academy pieces with their travel gear (my lien is on Jaune).

    I hope you all dig the Beacon Academy items, as the team and I have put a lot of love into getting these created. (And man, Wes & crew absolutely killed it with the photos!!) Who knows, if you like these, maybe another Huntsman Academy will get some love as well in the near future. ;-)

    - Fox

  • My Christmas so Far!

    1 week ago


    I am loving my Christmas so far, even though it’s so early. This isn’t the holiday card thing, but it’s a present I got from one of my friends, Vicki, and I’m loving it. I got cookies, Candy, and three pictures of my favorite female characters from different franchises, one of them being Yang ❤️ (My rock). Thank you so much, Vicki! 

  • Today is the one-month anniversary of my YouTube Channel! - Reflection/Plug

    1 week ago


    I post a new video every day- Please Subscribe.

    Right now my content is mostly Gaming, but I have a bunch of projects in progress that everyone can enjoy.

    Ok, So now that I've done that I can write about my experience so far. I went In with the expectation that putting myself on YouTube would be like putting myself on a chopping block, and In some ways it is. However YouTube is not really kind to the little guy, not that I expected it to be, yet Instead of being on an active chopping block it is more like the guillotine that judges you as unworthy to be executed before passing you by and promising to maybe come back.

    The hardest part of starting my channel was the first video. I had been stressing about it for way to long for what It ended up being. I lost sleep over making my Logo and Banner, and I spent a lot of that time adjusting the mask on the 8 seconds of footage that became my first video. Finally I realized that I was going about it the wrong way and made an upload schedule and planned out content for the next few weeks, after that was done I just had to wait. Once I had published it I felt more stressed and relieved than In my entire life. Since then I have learned to channel this odd kind of nervous energy that comes with creating, and I make sure to have some way to write down Ideas I have at any time of the day.

    I started by recording a game called ICEY, It wasn't a great game, and I didn't have a great microphone, and It shows. Yet It is my first series and I wouldn't ever change it. All the changes that I make in each series mark the creative growth that I have experienced through taking this risk, and That feels good. I know that while recording ICEY, I was mostly making it up as I went along, I didn't plan out many of the things that I should have like the length of episodes. ICEY ended up being about 17 episodes that were an average of around 10 minutes each. while there are some problems such as how loud each video was that I feel are there, the Improvement In the next series is evident.

    The second series I recorded was in BioShock Infinite., I had the idea to beat the game with only pistols, and the genius (idiot) in me decided it would be a good idea to try it on hard. At this point I had gotten a studio condenser microphone and an amp so my setup was a lot improved. Playing this self implemented challenge was hard. It was fun for a really long time, but It got to the point that I was just enraged, and Eventually I decided It was time to stop. While I am not proud of my failure to complete the challenge, I am glad that I did record the challenge even though I completely underestimated it.

    Over Time I have noticed a few changes in myself while both recording and editing. Talking is hard, Keeping words flowing out of your mouth takes more practice that you would think, when I practiced mostly I would just spend time in a discord call pissing my friend off because he couldn't see the game I was commenting on. When Editing I notice that sometimes I leave thoughts completely unfinished, and I didn't notice that before or while recording at all. In editing I have also realized how much the smallest edit can change the tone of a video. I have improved In my editing efficiency, though I wish I could have a render farm I do not have the space or money. So I've figured out how to make the time while rendering as efficient as possible. During a render  I spend time working In Photoshop on thumbnails or other projects, I can check on other work, or just work on writing scripts with friends. 

    This is my reflection on what has happened based on what has already been released on my channel. This next part is about what I have done on my channel that will be released in the coming months.


    First thing is that I have just finished editing a play through of Tomb Raider (2013), Tomb Raider hold a special place In my heart because it is the first game I ever got 100% on. It is also the first time I have ever had to do live commentary to my parents explaining what was happening in the game. Unlike BioShock and ICEY the recording sessions for Tomb Raider were not all close together, In fact I had my Thanksgiving break in between 2 of the recording sessions. While it is a different play style than the other two games I feel like I had an easier time playing off both the game for commentary, but also my future editing self. And I allowed myself to be a bit more creative with what I do in post. I feel like when I went back home for break I got a recharge and a better perspective on what I was doing after I saw my best friend and family.

    During break, I recorded about an hour of destiny 2 on the Xbox One, I am more comfortable with PC usually, but I don't have a problem with consoles. My little brother has a condenser mic but I didn't find an amp in the house till after I recorded destiny 2, so I've decided to scrap that. I did however beat the story of the game, but as by dad says "The real endgame is waiting for the loading screen." The best part of break was being able to record some fun games with my little brother Nathan, and my best friend who goes by Sketch. My little brother and have started a series in which we play Super Mario Galaxy together, and hopefully we get to play Super Mario Galaxy 2 over Christmas. My plan was to record an entire day with Sketch and Nate, and while we got sidetracked by watching RWBY (it was a Saturday) I am really happy to say that we got a lot of footage of us playing Breath of The Wild. In our group I am the only one that has played it. my brother may have seen me play it, and Sketch has no idea what he is getting Into.

    While I was there, I had the idea to remake all of the RWBY intros using Photoshop, that idea Is currently a work in progress and I'm almost done with the volume 1 intro.

    Now when I returned from break, the first thing I did was finish recording Tomb Raider which went flawlessly. But then I started editing, and the parts I recorded after break were a bit different. Somehow, premiere  has trouble reading the frame rate of the game play video, which leads to the audio and video of the Game to not be synced, so my solution for that was to put my game play recording into windows media player and record the playback of the recording. It worked, but it made for a few late nights. I just finished editing this morning at 1:00am. This is my reflection so far, look forward to another one in a month or so!

  • Overwatch and SU Speedpaints and Inktobers

    2 weeks ago


    Long time No-see!

    Have some new artwork *OPENS THE THE FLOODGATES* Also I got a Nintendo switch over this thanksgiving. ^u^


    <img src=witch_mercy_by_strayqrow-dbp4pn5.png










  • Charli's bad morning (Fanfiction Story Update)

    2 weeks ago


    And it is TIME for another story update! This part, when I post it, isn't on the 6 chapters that are posted on my story, but actually the 7th that is still being made, so yeah...

    Charli's got a new teacher who would help her enhance stuff. Next morning after her night training, she encounters Barton... and THIS!

    Faerin chuckled. “NOW you’re just making things silly. It’s about last night, isn’t it? So… mix of Jax, and that training.”
    Charli groaned, knowing Faerin is right. “I hate it when I put those two events together in my head. First off… just to organize things… Jax is shit, even for a ladies man. And… My teacher didn’t let me do anything major. I was just cleaning the place that we first fought in, and that was it. Tch. I can’t even believe the kind of thing he called me: A ‘Sweet Janitor’ with great looks, and he even smirks at the damn thought! Tch! Silly?! That’s a fucking understatement.” Then Charli heard girls from Barton’s company laugh. As she looked towards that company, she saw Jaxus really succeeding in making a positive impression at the girls he liked. One of them… a Cat-Faunus named Lena Jorn. Hm… Lena, huh? Another second-year who’s transferred from Haven. If I’m right, she’s at par when it comes to multi-sword combat, with the sword and shield stance Pyrrha Nikos fights with. Two dual swords and one shorter one. Impressive. Tch. For her to actually give Jaxus attention… She looked away, hoping she wouldn’t see his face. And she smirked to herself while getting into her thoughts again. He’s just making luck his own weapon. I wanna take that away and- But her thoughts stopped as an egg was flying at her. She sensed it as her purple eyes briefly glowed and faded before looking back, letting her arm catch the egg, but didn’t anticipate its speed as its fragile shell shatters on impact, letting the liquid yolk and white drench her hand. She then held her hand in front of her face to examine it and didn’t feel so much shock as she knew what it is.
    It should have gone past ya,” Jaxus said.
    Oh my…” Lena lightly cursed to herself. “I think you-
    And Charli looks at Jaxus, eventually glaring at him before she stood from her seat, and walked at him. She didn’t care if Faerin was calling her back to her seat, as she just went to Jaxus. She didn’t express her anger in her walking, and that just made Jaxus curious as to what she would want.
    Jaxus smiled, knowing Charli seemed to be relaxed about it. “So… I was trying my luck on Winchester. Not you. I guess an apology is in order?” But after he asked, he had half-expected and seed an oncoming slap.
    Eventually, the whole cafeteria echoed with that same slap, making students gasp as they looked at where the sound came from. The whole place had gone silent, and everyone was silently surprised now.
    Charli slapped Jaxus. Her hand feels like it stinged. But as she looked at him, she knew he would feel it. And in her mind, she was laughing. That’s a fucking good way to let it out.
    Jaxus couldn’t believe it. His own cheek got slapped and he held it before turning to Charli in shock, still holding his cheek. “Um-”
    “Shut up,” Charli muttered. “You’re just one of the worst boys I ever met,” she said a loosely monotone voice. “You made my bad morning and you made my bad breakfast.”
    Jaxus made it in himself to express like the slap never existed and smiled. “Well that’s not exactly remotely true. See… You felt pissed I bugged you last night. I know it’s your business, but I was about to say I’m sorry. Now, I’m gonna say sorry again for almost hitting ya there.”
    “No you’re not,” said Charli before she grabbed the collar of his vest and pulled him close with her mouth just right at his ear before she whispered. “I hate you, Jaxus Barton. And not just last night, and today.

    Well, crap! That took a turn!

  • Falling into Place (Fanfiction story planning)

    2 weeks ago


    Yo, what is up, everybody? May as well give you guys updates... since I haven't posted any updates for a while.

    It's been too long since I already posted Chapter 5 and 6, so it's up on the three pages. Please check them out there! One thing I can definitely give you guys a good scene. This is about Charli who was still thinking about her Semblance, and her objective...

    “So…” Charli started. “Wanna tell me what you think?”

    Faerin’s eyes looked elsewhere. “You’re awfully close to Ozpin, and he’s awfully close to you. It must be because of the magic you kept talking about.”

    “Look… it’s a little complicated. We might have agreed to things, but I found new things. He thinks… knows… that there’s another magic user who could give me knowledge and techniques. Now… I know my Semblance… Elemental. I can use Earth, Fire, Wind and Water, which are the four basic planetary elements that concern life, here in Remnant. It’s really a Semblance, and… I’ve been reading. Semblances can… evolve in some way. And if Ozpin’s friend can help me realize my Semblance to its fullest, I can go much further. I can only use Elemental in physical attacks and defenses. But what if it’s combined with magic? Can you imagine?”

    Faerin winced, thinking for a little and was turning to smile as she looked at Charli. “I’m glad you’re thinking of your path through, Charli. I was actually wondering if you were really going to settle in with others and-”

    Charli smiled. “I know. But at the same time, I need to keep my priorities up as well. I’m really different… different that I know I could make a difference more than the others could. But I don’t want to set myself above them. I just want to just live as I possibly could.”

    “And… when you become a huntress… you’d be helping out your Mom in moving? I mean… You did tell me you’re gonna move her out of Mistral. So it’s obvious natural.”

    “I… Faerin. I don’t know yet. All I can do right now is focus on the present. Thinking on too much of the future could steer me off-course. I still understand my objectives… but I have to keep a present mind.” Charli said this before she sat up on her bed. “I don’t want to be a preacher, or even someone who vaguely predicts what will happen. But if I DO get an accurate prediction into me… I think I’ll be able to do something about THAT in particular.” She sighs and walks to the lamp. “Let’s look forward for another day, okay?” And she puts out the light of the lamp, leaving an almost dark room with only dim glows of moonlight coming in from their window…

    I am hoping to put a twist on Charli's life as I've recently decided she has more than a love interest but actually, a date. :) It's already due thanks to her hard experiences. I'm currently making Chapter 7, so please check out the 6th! :) Available on, Archive Of Our Own, and Wattpad! :)

  • Pants Are Overrated. You Know What's Not Overrated? Anime!

    2 weeks ago


    There are lots of shows out there, some well known, and others not so much. 

    What was your first anime? As someonewho is pretty new to anime, my first was Soul Eater. I even did a Cosplay of Death the Kid at the Salt Lake Comic-Con a few years ago.

    What is your favorite anime, and why?

    I won't answer this one personally because it would be a very long post of RWBY theories.

    What anime ending pissed you off so much that it changed your opinion of the entire show?

    Gurren Lagann....enough said, bro.

    "I licked it, it's mine." - Qrow Branwen (RWBY Chibi s2e13)

  • RWBY Reviews

    2 weeks ago


    Do you want to hear someone review RWBY with an open mind, not just bashing it for no reason and not just dumping unending praise? Do you want a fan to look at RWBY critically and break down what's working and what's not? Then do I have something for you!

    My sister and I have reviewed 11 episodes of RWBY (volume 4) and still going!

  • Charli stands up to Weiss, defending Ruby (Fanfiction story update)

    2 weeks ago


    Quick one! Charli stands up for Ruby, in front of Weiss!! :D

    “Hey… APOLOGIZE?! EXCUSE ME?!” Weiss steps up to Charli’s face. “This girl was getting on my nerves… and I’m aware she’s too young to be at Beacon. So it’s not my fault, if she hurts her knee or gets a bad cut on her forehead easily!!”

    Charli glares and sets a strong front before strongly replying. “Well suck it up too, Schnee, because she will be here for awhile. Best you try being friends while the atmosphere’s cool. Because trust me… she’ll bring the house down on you if you don’t cool it. Now… who started the trouble?”

    At this, Weiss winced and took a few steps back, before glaring back at Charli. “Yllafir, is it?! Well… I don’t need to answer any of your questions!”

    “Good… because I wanna eat pizza and think about you all the damn time! Sorry, but you’re officially the love of my life, until you apologize.”

    “I… AM… NOT… APOLOGIZING!! Hmph! Good day.” Weiss said this before walking away with a blush on her face and some embarrassment on the conversation.

    And as Charli smiled at Weiss walking away, she looked back at Yang and Ruby, with eyes wide in big disbelief. “What?”

  • Entry #1

    2 weeks ago


    So i joined rooster teeth first to catch up on twits and crits because i love funhaus and watch some more rwby. So far so good!!

  • Fan Art Friday #92: Ruby by mikururun

    3 weeks ago

    Becca RT Torturer

    It’s time for our weekly look at the best Rooster Teeth fan art from our community, curated by the fine folks at BIGBITE! We're a little late due to the holiday, but better late than never.

    This week’s featured artist is Michelle Lambrecht, AKA Miku AKA @mikururun, for this illustration of Ruby.


    Miku is a freelance artist/unemployed nurse based in Chile. She was listening to music while working on some other artwork when "Red Like Roses" came on. Miku says the song “exploded in her mind” and she was inspired to create this piece in Photoshop.


    Want a chance to be featured in future Fan Art Fridays? Head over to the Fan Art Friday thread in the Art forum to find out how!

  • "RWBY: Winged Fury" Fanfiction madness (story is up!)

    3 weeks ago


    So I've been very much busy on my RWBY addiction that I decided to write a fanfict about it! I'm very very passionate about my writing, so please leave healthy criticism on this...

    It's called "RWBY: Winged Fury" which is available in, Wattpad, and Archive Of Our Own. It's about an OC character of mine, but I'm also going to give her a team. Give it a read if ya wanna! :)

  • Charli's earmuffs, and meeting Faerin Nikos (Fanfict updates)

    3 weeks ago


    Yo... So I've actually finished Chapter 3 of my fanfict... and here's a good highlight of it! Charli obtains her white earmuffs to cover her elf ears... and actually meets someone interesting... a cousin to Pyrrha Nikos, named Faerin. Here's the scene:

    Ozpin’s words still echoed in her head about the earmuffs. “You may as well use the earmuffs. If you have any alibi, just say you needed hearing aids.”

    And Charli heard her own voice in that conversation. “Is it because I’m a Faunus-like person? Because I’m not.”
    “I believe you, but the rest won’t accept what you are, at least not suddenly. They know Faunus, but not elf-like people as what I’d imagine from legends past.”
    While Charli was remembering their conversation, she looked up to the shattered moon with a tear leaving her right eye. I miss Mom, she thought.
    The lightly green-haired girl was watching from a nearby entry wall after peaking through the door, watching Charli look at the night sky. This girl felt guilty. She saw the whole thing, and she knows she was watching the elf-girl reminiscing of some sort.
    But Charli knew and eased her head and eyes toward the door with purple eyes glowing and partly glaring at her witness. “I have sharp senses, you know. So… you’re my witness.”
    The green-haired girl shrieked in surprise and crawled back away from the dorm door. Eventually, finding the elf girl opening door further, the girl stopped to look at her. She even tried to speak to the elf girl. “U-um… You’re… Charli Yllafir?”
    Charli narrowed her eyes at her visitor in the hallway. “You’re my witness.”
    “I’m… I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have- I’m a huntress, but I didn’t do anything to help you. I was… I was shocked, really.” But the girl stopped, seeing Charli gesture a finger to her own mouth, signaling the girl to keep quiet.
    Eventually, Charli approached the girl and offered her hand. “Don’t be afraid. I might be different, but I could use someone to talk to. I’m glad you saw me there. It lessens the burden I have to carry. So… what’s your name?”
    The girl saw the hand offered to her and she was getting confidence and bravery into her system that she slowly grabs Charli’s hand before being helped up to stand. The girl then replied to Charli’s question. “My name… is Faerin Nikos.”
    Charli winced at the name. “Wait… Nikos… as in Pyrrha Nikos from Mistral Regionals?”
    “I’m her cousin, actually. Maybe you didn’t forget-”
    And both of them said “The Pumpkin Pete’s Marshmallow Flakes.”
    Faerin chuckled nervously. “Well that’s what her reputation brings her-”
    “Yeah… but Nikos is from Sanctum. How are you in Beacon?”
    “Thing is… Cousin Pyrrha is moving to Beacon and will arrive tomorrow, and I was just first here. 
    Well… just before I got to the school…” Faerin gulps. “I just happened to wander around especially to that place you were at.”
    And Charli already had a feeling.
    She’s going to be my friend, isn’t she? My first friend in Beacon?

    Ohohohoho!!! This is gonna be fun! :D Chapter 3 is out in Fanfiction, Archive Of Our Own and Wattpad! Check them out now! ^_^

  • The Fall of Fatman: An Introduction

    3 weeks ago



    Over one year ago a user by the name of Bumblebee4life started this series and has yet to continue it's premise and so I am here for it to continue may they rest in piece. Fatmanfalling is the Armond White of RWBY critics basically whatever is good is bad and whatever is bad is good. You'll see that as time goes on. Furthermore he also as an entourage of people who seem to have a vendetta against this show who appear to want to make it seem as corrupt and bad as possible while also making the CRWBY look like a bunch of lying douchbags. Don't worry people CSI: Cock Bite's on the case. And now an introduction of these members.

    The Cast


    Celtic Phoenix Productions

    British Ninja




    Malik Reeves

    khosef Tadros

    Predicted fatmanfalling Counterclaim: It's not making them look bad if it's true.

    Rebuttal:That's what I'm gonna get into that it isn't true.

    Predicted fatmanfalling Counterclaim: So what you're attacking us for all of our opinions.

    Rebuttal: Just because you have an opinion doesn't make it true.


    Please expect updates for this series weekly we'll be tackling this guys and a few other members of CSI: Cock Bite's videos on RWBY twenty minutes at a time. Why? You'll see as time goes on. The series will have a system of timestamps for the video in question and will have detailed breakdowns as to why these points are wrong with the occasional predicted counterclaim and rebuttal made in between. Keep in mind that any information that he has made a complaint on that is fixed by future information will not be talked about but if the information is kind of cryptic or hard to decipher I will talk about it.

  • Aaaagh... Why? (RWBY clips need more time!)

    3 weeks ago


    Still nothing on the 30-minute clip thing. I keep sending comments out, and of course... I still keep getting the LAME marks. Why the hell isn't anybody interested in maximizing the time for all RWBY episodes? I mean... it's been four years. All the microtransactions and subscription prices should have improved the resource count RT has, right? It's all a matter of investment, even little by little as long as the animation is on top and follows well! But still... nothing.

    I won't be a FIRST, unless I see that change. THEN it will be very exciting! :)

  • It's getting good with the scenes! (Ozpin and Charli meet!)

    3 weeks ago


    Yo, been a while from another entry, and I'm gonna give a good view of the fanfict I'm making! :)

    Here is a scene right after Charli's transport to the continent of Sanus crashed...

    “Well… Ms. Yllafir… it was said in your transcripts that were retrieved from your bag that… you’re being transferred to Beacon, from Haven Academy.” The man smirked a little and looked at her. “You’re supposed to see a headmaster regarding the enrolment and the entrance exam.” Then he paused to give her time to speak. Just as he was supposed to open his mouth…
    …she did. “Well… Are you… him? You’re Professor Ozpin… Headmaster of Beacon?” And she saw him nod. No further surprise was generated. “Well… Can you… judge me from what I did? My witness was kinda spooked for seeing me fly.”
    “That is another thing I’d like to discuss with you. Were you using your aura?”
    “Are you using your semblance in a way?” Ozpin asked this, knowing it’s a term she knows quite well during her first year in Mistral.
    But Charli didn’t feel aligned in saying yes, and looked at him but not with ease. “I’m sorry… but even I’m not sure of what I used during flight. I always assumed I was using my semblance, so it comes from my aura. But when I was flying… it didn’t feel like it was coming from my aura.”
    “You’re saying… it’s not a semblance?”
    “Yes. That’s what I feel.” Charli lowers her head, knowing that the jig is up. Goodness… I hope he’s not shocked. Actually-
    But Ozpin stopped her thoughts when he spoke. “It’s interesting.” He said this with a smile, just before a woman came into the interrogation room, blonde and wearing glasses. She didn’t catch her other features, but she looked like a professor as well. Ozpin continued. “Not a confirmed semblance and your flight isn’t based on aura. Well… That took a turn.”
    “Is it… a big deal?” Charli asked, to get Ozpin’s reaction.
    “For many others, it should. Basically, only two things are being trained onto the huntsmen and huntresses who fight the Creature of Grimm, and are used as the basic edge against them: Aura and Semblance. But… I will not delve into the matter further. You’re a second year, and you know of your responsibility. Using something of flight again- On second thought… Is it convenient when you summon your wings?”
    The blonde woman lightly smacked Ozpin’s head and she snorted in annoyance. “Ozpin, I can’t believe you.”
    “Ow…” Ozpin muttered in pain while he touched his head with his hand. “Glynda… I was just-”
    Charli giggled, finding it a little funny, but realized she had to stop. “Oh… Um… I’m sorry. It’s just… Well… yeah. I got convenience. But I don’t mind.” Closing her eyes, a set of wings magically appeared through her attire at her back, showing red feathers on the inside, and yellow on the out. Spreading them wide, she makes sure the both of them see. “Thing is… I know that I’m not using Aura or a Semblance in that matter. It… it’s a dark matter in my family… so it’s one of the reasons why I think of the surname Yllafir as a curse, just because I have these things others don’t.” She retracted her wings and makes sure it goes back into her, ransparently through her attire. “So there. I’ve shown something that isn’t supposed to be shown… and I did that in front of a headmaster and in front of another professor.”
    Ozpin sighed, knowing he has to keep this secret between the three of them. Nobody else knows about this, especially when parallel to the fact this girl never uses Aura or a Semblance to summon her wings. This only brings him to one other word he didn’t use before, and in a long while. “Magic,” he said.
    Charli winced. It’s exactly as it is, she thought. “Yeah.”
    “Sit down, and listen to me very carefully.” Ozpin instructed this of the girl and Charli sat down to comply. She wasn’t scared, but was a little nervous of this. “It’s very much basic, so I will not sugarcoat this. You see… Magic was never much of a common use in society. Though it was in the past… not so much anymore. To have heard and felt you use it from back at the Sanus shore is already alarming. You see… Myths and legends live on, knowing magic existed. Now… Would you be surprised if some of them were true?”
    “No,” Charli immediately answered to interrupt Ozpin. Then she saw him gesture with his hand, signaling her to keep going with what she’s intended to say. “I’m not much of a story reader, but I DO listen and understand concepts of myths and legends. Dust is a serious commodity, as well as something used… as well as Aura and Semblance by huntsmen and huntresses, to fight the Creatures Of Grimm. What made me very aware of magic existing, is the fact… the world we’re all in, isn’t as it seems. I don’t do research on so much, but it’s something factual. My wings prove it too. It’s just… not accepted in society, of course. That’s why I’ve kept it hidden during my time as a student in Haven.”
    Ozpin nodded and was giving an approving tone. “That’s wise.”
    “I know, right? But… who knows? Maybe… Just maybe…”
    “What are you thinking about?”
    “The Grimm don’t have a soul. They can’t generate Aura, or use a Semblance, like they’re beings of darkness from what I’ve experienced. But what if they DO have magic and it’s just dormant in them?”
    Glynda raised her eyebrow. “Are you quite sure you’re thinking straight? There’s nothing proven of magic being used by the Creatures Of Grimm.”
    Charli snickered quietly and glared at Glynda. “How sure are you?” She said that before she paused to try hearing the professor’s answer. But with no answer, she continued. “We don’t know what the Creatures Of Grimm are. Maybe I’ve been reading about the Creatures Of Grimm and not finding the term ‘magic’ but how do we know about what they really are? Truly… we don’t. And that’s something I still choose to believe.”
    Ozpin witnessed Glynda was about to snap back, but he stopped her. “I like argumentative students Ms. Goodwitch. For once… let’s leave this be.” He heard her groan and looked at her calmly as he spoke. “You survived a great ordeal just to get here. Seeing you’ve actually gone through Grimm in Mistral, and just recently on the shore, I’d say you’ve already gotten through your share of trouble before your transfer.”
    When she heard that, she was feeling she wouldn’t be scolded, and she replied to him. “I don’t really have a problem with trouble. I just don’t want it to completely scar me to my core. At some time, there has to be that moment one huntsman or huntress has to go through that, Professor Ozpin. I don’t mind either. But that doesn’t stop me from living. Mom and I… we’ve been a team back at Mistral.” Charli stopped, and felt tears wet her eyes. Eventually, she shed drops of it that fell to her hand while looking down. “Yes… I miss her. But she told me not to regret with what I wanted. It’s defining to not only me, but to her too.” She then looked at Ozpin, wiping tears from her eyes. “Professor, I’d like to be around Beacon Academy to study and train further. I’ll gain friends along the way, but I don’t know if I’ll be searching for one. As a student, you’ll know I’ll be at my best.”

    Well! :D That went well for my writing! :D Check out my images for her picture! :D

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    Xuelder Some Sort of Art Boi


    Minimalist RWBY Holiday Card Design Idea made in hexels. 

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    For the first time ever, I actually found a way to be happy. I've been watching RWBY for years now, but I never expected that I could actually get back at RT by doing reviews and rants. In fact... I'm gonna do this in YouTube once my time really clears up. So who wants to see more comments on episodes? I'm gonna be posting a cluster of them on the episodes, so yeah! :D