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  • RWBY Anthology Readthrough

    8 months ago


    After seeing Action Point last Saturday at the Sunridge Spectrum, I went into Chapters to look around for a few minutes & when I get there (at the manga section), I come across the RWBY manga anthology book that revolves around Ruby Rose & after getting it, I promised to get the other 3 books that revolve around the other 3 main characters in RWBY (Weiss, Blake & Yang) & read through them as well, & on the weekend, I'll finally read through the Ruby book (& give myself a head start by reading the coloured part of it), like I did back in March with the manga book that I got before the manga anthology came out & since the Weiss book (anthology book #2) won't be out until August, I'll be reading the original Yu-Gi-Oh! manga again, which I did before the official RWBY manga anthology came out in 2018 in English format (from 2015 - 2018) which I enjoyed & will again over the summer in the same way I will as I read through the RWBY manga anthologies from book-to-book for the next few months.

  • RTX 2018

    11 months ago


    So my tickets are booked for RTX 2018, hotel is sorted! Can't wait to get out there! Who else is going to be out there!? 

  • Vent: Time to Re-evaluate Priorities

    1 year ago


    since studying English interests me fuck all. I don't see a point in continuing with this Master's, feeling all they teach at this level and in this university is just Trivial Pursuit material, and I can't see how these studies could be rewarding to me in any sense.

    There are still aspects of English and linguistics that interest me. Pragmatics, sociolinguistics, internet linguistics (memes, word formation processes, emojis), etymology, and translation are still a thing for me that I can get excited reading about. 

    But I'm just tired of keeping up with the courses. Once again, most of them were not what I expected them to be by their course description.  Doesn't help that both my short and long term memory have become more or less butchered in the past few years, so I struggle keeping up with the terminology and their explanation. No new information seems to stick into my head.

    YTHS nurse suggested I contact "Student's Compass" to help me with motivation and memory issues, but every time I try fill out their online registration form there's an error message. Not sure where to send email if this thing won't start working this week. 

    Anyways, I will do my best to at least get enough ECTs to keep the government off my back, since they were kind enough to provide me with finances for this semester. But after that.... Vigorous applying to other study places and jobs. I'm mentally done with JYU*, English. 

    (Finnish pronunciation of the acronym sounds a bit like the English word 'you'.)

  • Bilingual Problems 2

    1 year ago


    So I'm catching up with notes from Communications lectures that I've missed, and I'm at a part now where listening and listening as a process is mentioned. The first point is attention, what we pay attention to, and how it can be intentional or not. And it brought to my mind this... I don't know if others who can fluently comprehend more than one language have this same thing happen to them, but I've noticed that if I'm watching an English show and happen to hear Finnish somewhere spoken nearby... I lose my focus on the English. Same if I'm watching a Finnish show and hear English somewhere, my mind just ... snaps to that language. 

    I find it peculiar, considering I can - in text and usually in speech - change the language I speak on the fly with no problems. Although if I'm typing in an answer to someone in either language and get 'disturbed' in the other language via IM or by someone in real life, my brain just freezes as it tries to figure out which language to operate on.  joy

    Hmm. I should try pay more attention to this, how tired I feel when it happens etc.

  • Bilingual Problems

    1 year ago


    I could write stories in either Finnish or English, or use both (Finnish for descriptions, English for dialogue) in the draft version. 

    All ways feel wrong.

    *sighs* Maybe I just need to take a break from writing for a bit...

    Anyway. So how's everyone else's week going so far? P: 

  • I Changed My Mind.

    1 year ago


    Well,this is embarrassing to say after posting how I plan to binge Dragon Ball & Superman to decide for myself who would win.I will someday,but I figure I should honor the 20th anniversary of none other than One Piece first by binging the Dub from Episodes 1 to 516 & the English versions of the Strong World,Z & Gold films plus reading the manga chapters corresponding with the post-timeskip content in the anime not yet dubbed.Sigh,I sincerely hope I don't flip-flop on this decision too.If I don't,I'll post reviews of the Dub's episodes & films on ya later & wish me luck...again.

  • My life, making music and stuff

    2 years ago



    Well i'm Going to post my life here to practice my english, so if I have something wrong plz let me now.

    Today I'm gonna work in my EP... I don't know what style of music do, but I figure out in the process. My plan is to do 4 songs an intro(instrumental), 2 songs with lyrics, and for the last an instrumental. Today I'm gonna start doing the demos of my songs.

    so thats all. hehe

  • The pun heard ‘round the world.

    2 years ago

    chris9801 Achievement Hunter

    I got the same pun in multiple languages:


    Where do cats go when they die? Purrgatory.


    ¿De dónde van los gatos cuando mueren? Purgatorio.


    ‘Dove vanno i gatti quando muoiono? Nel purGATTOrio’


    “où vont les chats quand ils meurent? Au purCHATtoire”


    “Para onde os gatos vão quando morrem? Para o purGATOrio”


  • Final Fantasy on Oboe, Shizno on Glibshark!

    5 years ago

    OboeCrazy Freelancer

    When the long, boring summer hits and my gigs dry up I turn to random bits of music to keep me sane. Lately it's been old video game music, specifically the original Final Fantasy sountrack by Nobuo Uematsu. After some arranging and practicing I decided to start recording some of my efforts.

    Because the soundtrack is amazing.

    First it's the music you get while walking around the Grugu Volcano. Despite taking lava damage with every step this was one of my favorite dungeons thanks to the music. It felt like a Baroque trio rather then a video game score.

    Next here's the music from the Chaos Shine, suggested by @Nester82 . It's got such a great soaring melody line that I just wanted to play the oboe part over and over again!

    Not at all interested in oboes and English horns playing old RPG soundtracks? Need some more Red vs Blue in your Rooster Teeth journals? Well check out Glib Shark tonight at 6pm Pacific as @DaftProdigy joins us to talk about The Shizno, LFTO, and the nitpicky of everyone's favorite colored space marines. or join our RT group!

    And thus I have pimped as hard as I can. Enjoy. smiley12.gif

  • So this is a thing...

    5 years ago


    So I don't write. I hate writing. I have no grand illusions of being a writer, it's not something I've ever desired and English was always my least favorite class. Needless to say I've had this file stored on my computer since senior year of high school (5+ years ago as of 2013), back when I was forced to write. I've moved it from new computer to new computer, new hard drive to new hard drive. Not really sure why, never have any intention of expanding on it or even doing anything with it. I figured I might as well just post it here to share.

    "Sleep. There's nothing more peaceful then waking up refreshed on a warm Spring day. The sun is starting to rise, but it's still dark outside. 6:24 the clock says. May 21st. I can hear birds outside singing their song. The same birds loathed when trying to sleep in. Today I don't get to sleep in. I pull myself out of bed.

    Walking downstairs the feeling of carpet against my bare feet gives off a sort of comfort, quickly interrupted by the tile of the kitchen floor. Searching through cabinets, I find a bag of coffee with the minute remains of a weekly regime. Not nearly enough for a new pot. Back into the cabinet. Chai green tea, hot chocolate with those tiny marshmallows you're hardly able to taste, finally... a fresh bag. Filter, coffee, water, and like clock work the warm, comforting smell of new coffee. Walking away from the steam and dripping sound, I head back upstairs. I turn on the shower and wake up the kids.

    By now the bathroom is filled with steam. I jump into the shower. The hot water eases all the tension in my body. As I ignore reality, the kids are fumbling through boxes of cereal to find the cheap plastic toy at the bottom of the bag. I start to get dressed. Eyeing the shirt and tie hanging up on the closet door, I'm grateful for vacation days. I throw on jeans and my old T-shirt from that concert years ago; that first date. Bad choice, even worse memories. No time to change, the kids are late for school. I walk downstairs only to see two bowls, half empty of milk and some straggling Fruit Loops that failed to finish the "Great Journey." I pour a cup of coffee; the house now filled with a rich aroma. I don't have enough time to add anything to it before the kids come down ready to leave.

    In the car, the DJs come on the radio mid-conversation. I don't listen to them. The kids are talking to each other across the car. I pull up a block from the middle school. To embarrassed to be driven to school by dad. Out they go. Finally, peace. I turn the car around and make my way back home to an empty house. On the radio comes Pink Floyd's "Young Lust." I look down at the poor choice of apparel. Shit. I change the station. Again, and again. I turn off the radio. I pull in to the driveway and walk towards my home, ready to escape the bad day thats started.

    "You shouldn't leave your door unlocked," she said. "There's bad people out there." At the kitchen counter, there she is, the mother of my children.

    "I thought they locked you up," I asked her.


    "New House. New Town. How the hell did you find us?"

    She breaks off into a rage, yelling, going right back to her old ways. I don't listen. So much for a day off. I don't want anything to do with her. I was happy she was convicted, out of my life, the kid's don't need this. Where the hell did it all go wrong? But I don't say this. I never do. I have all these thoughts, emotions building up. But I just let it happen. Story of my life really."

    Ironically, despite starting off this journal saying I had no intention of ever editing or expanding on this, I found myself doing just that while posting it. Editing a few things here or there. Nothing major. Nothing added.

  • Caramel

    7 years ago

    BlackPenguin Guardian x9; Panel Lead

    I say car-mul.

  • Videogames helped me pass exams.

    7 years ago


    In may of this year i sat my Higher English exam which was broken down into 3 parts, a 2 essay portfolio which was completed prior to the exam, a 1 and a half hour essay exam in which you have to write two essays based on two random questions and finally a close reading exam in which you answer questions on a set of passages.

    Close reading wasn't exactly my strong point but when i sat down and opened up the exam, what was the topic? VIDEOGAMES. To be more precise Boris Johnson saying that videogames were shit and some guy saying they were good. Now when it comes to videogames i am very opinionated and when it came to the questions in which you give your own opinion (The questions that i sucked at) I gave very detailed answers and felt good about my answers, a feeling i hadn't had in a long time. I came out of that exam happy and confident that the exam i had just completed would help me get a pass. I got a C, one of the grades i needed to get into Art school.

    The moral of the story is videogames helped me pass a very important exam. Screw you Boris!

  • chapter 4 (final)

    7 years ago


    Chapter 4

    "can I do anything to help?" Vulix asked. "Sorry sir your gonna have to wait out here" one of the medical personal said as they rushed Nicole to the emergency room. "typical medic bullshit!" Vulix said as he punched the intercom, Kevin sat there watching. "don't be so hard on your self, man." kevin said, leaning against a wall.
    "I'm not being hard on myself!" Vulix snapped back, he watched angrily as they surgically removed the remains of the needle that hit her, they then injected her with something to counteract the poison. "I'm worried too, but I'm not beating myself up"
    that was a lie, Kevin was beating himself up on the inside, for letting someone put his sister in harms way, no he wasn't referring to Vulix, he was referring to the whole UNSC and ONI, but he was too much of a man to show it.
    A light flashed green signaling them to come in. "we know she has lost some of her long term memory, we just don't know how much" a medic said as they entered, Vulix Stood next to the surgical bed she was on. "wh..where am I?" Nicole asked. "in the med bay" Kevin answered, she looked over at Vulix and said. "wh..who are you?" Vulix stood frozen, he couldn't believe it, she lost her memory of him, he replied.
    "no one you need to know" he walked out angrily and went to his personal quarters, he sat on his cot and held his head."why?" he asked himself, Kevin entered to see him crying and said. "it's gonna be alright V, sure she forgot you, but you'll move on"Those words echoed in his head for the next few years...
    "your latest assignment," the Colonel in the room said. "is to recover the Spartan known as Scorch, her outpost was attacked and she has become POW, we believe she is still on the fortress planet of Bota, you will head there and search" he finished.
    Spartan C49, Vulix Slipstream, acknowledged and took a small platoon of ODSTs and marines with him on the assignment, they all filled the pelican reserved for them in the hangar. They took off, And after about 8 hours of flight it happened.
    They got caught in a wormhole that had just opened up in space, it swallowed them and spat them out, when they came to, they were shipwrecked on an 'uninhabited' planet. "Private McGraun establish a radio to command and take point were not going anywhere at any time"

  • Essay due

    7 years ago


    Today our first essay is due today. I'll post it after it has been graded. And hopefully none of my classmates ask me to cheat for them, especially since we have been done with the parts of speech for some time now.

  • The Good The Bad and the English Horn...

    7 years ago

    OboeCrazy Freelancer

    I leave for Buffalo and RvBTO in about 12 hours. Between now and then I have a metric ton of stuff that needs to be laundry, packing, dropping off car to be fixed, printing out tons of confirmation stuff, picking up my boyfriend, teaching a lesson...

    ....oh, and THIS. A Musiter out of left field. Inspired by a message from Linnea. I just wish I had a cowboy hat.


  • Day 3 assignment

    7 years ago


    I have to write a journal entry thats 7-10 sentences long for my English 98 class about cell phone usage at The Alamo Drafthouse using this video as a point of reference.

  • Happy Victoria Day

    7 years ago


    Happy Victoria Day to all you Canadians and Brits out there! I hope you, like I, enjoyed your day off!

  • Some Things that Irritate Me

    7 years ago


    believe it or not, this time it is not video game related or even people related. one of the main things that irritate me about my school, since i am leaving it this next friday, because i am graduating (hooray for 2 year tech school mediocraty!), is that things close too soon. now i might want to elaborate. everything in the school closes early, espicially the food courts. they close at 4:30-5pm, now for those of us that have night classes or have things that run late, we're screwed because we have no way of eating anything good unless you want to get snack food from the vending machines, which doesn't last all that long. one of the other things about my college that i do not like is that the bookstore also closed way too early, i was trying to get a book, The Swallows of Kabul, from the bookstore for a paper that is due this next monday, every day that i went the store would be closed and i would not be able to get the book needed for me to pass my english class (which is also shitty, but that's for another time). eventually i just said "screw it!" and i got the same book from my local library for free, and the best part is that i only need it for a week or so. one of the final things that irritate me the most is that we're celebrating, with graduation, general mediocraty. i am not dissing my degree that i will be getting, but it doesn't help the school's rep to teach almost nothing at times and when things are taught sometimes it seems as though the professors' pay is more important than preparing those who will be graduating into their fields ready for their new careers. this infuriates me. one grand example for me is a "portfolio class" that basically tells you how to create a portfolio and a resume, one of which i already had (the resume). it gets better, we would only meet twice a month, but in actuallity we only met in class three times, if that. i paid $400+ for three classes. why oh why? because my instructor is tuber liberal democrat, he was protesting down in Madison for two weeks, and those were the weeks at which we were supposed to meet up and figure things out. again, mediocraty; i lost $400 to this guy into his paycheck and i only got 3 class sessions, pure and utter bullshit.

  • The Current Generation is Screwed

    7 years ago


    you may read this and say, "me?" and i say maybe, depending how old you are. now you may be asking, "what do you mean?" what i mean is this, back in the 1960's everyone knew each other, people were allowed to go to that next door neighbor's house without a second thought except for being home for dinner. 40 years later and what do we have? a society where we cannot even trust our closest neighbors, for we don't even know what we would either find out about them or what they did in the past. back in the 1980's students in highschool used to talk in full sentences with correct words, now we are using "l33t t4lk" and shorthand and the uber shorthand used in IM and text messages. i can see it now, less than 50 years from now instead of professors in front of a classroom instead of talking to their class they'll be texting their lesson in shorthand to their class. in fact i believe that it has already begun. a few months ago i was at an Applebees near my house with some friends. we were eating when my friend who was there about a half-hour before me. she directed my attention towards a couple who was sitting a few booths away who were texting each other. they didn't even meet eye contact the entire meal that they had. we left after them but we dubbed them The Awkward Texting Couple. i hope this is not where our society is going, it would be in fact a bad thing. i believe that my generation is the bridge to all of this, unless we teach our children not to be like those people, the future may be much different than we hope it will. just look at this entire entry, only the title is capitalized properly, the other proper nouns and other things are not, such as "i."

  • I forgot.-.-

    7 years ago


    I just remembered I had a huge assignment due tomorrow morning at 8:05, it is currently 9:01 P.M. Sunday night.
    I am headdesking so hard right now. I hate forgetting things. I'm usually a very good student, and it's my favorite/best class, and this assignment is a big factor on whether I fail or not. None of it is done...
    Good lord.
    I'm gonna start carrying sticky notes around with me everywhere, just so I don't forget ever again.
    ugh. Whoever invented homework was a sick, twisted person.

  • An Awesome Revelation...

    8 years ago

    OboeCrazy Freelancer

    By now most of you are familiar with the Revelation soundtrack available from the RT store and iTunes. It's an amazing soundtrack from an incredible season, and I highly recommend you go out and get it now from either location!


    The interesting thing for me about the soundtrack, and the reason I waited until now to talk about it, was the fact that I got a chance to play on it.


    Jeff contacted me a few months ago asking to record a few bits for the soundtrack, and I was more then happy to do it. I'm sure my roommate was less then thrilled as I played stuff over and over for hours into a microphone to get just the right take. smiley8.gif

    I don't know if you can see credits in the downloadable versions (either iTunes or Zune marketplace) but if you buy the CD they're right there, and I'm pretty darn proud and humbled to get the chance to do what I love for the show that I love and play music by a brilliant composer. I just got some CDs today so I took the picture of the full credit list so you can see them all....including me. Right there, on English Horn.

    My favorite of the pieces I got to play on is #9, Epilogue, because I love nothing more than soaring lines that let me sing. And Jeff did that wonderfully.

    Go buy the soundtrack. And tell Jeff thanks for his awesome work. smiley12.gifsmiley0.gif

  • I Love Cracking Nuts...

    8 years ago

    OboeCrazy Freelancer

    Every year I play the Nutcracker suite for some Christmas performance somewhere. I think it's a law that all professional musicians must play it every year in some form or else the union takes away our reeds. This year I played it with the Federal Way Symphony, and Luke was kind enough not just to come but film my performance. Because I am vain...and the film quality isn't that good...I just clipped out my two English Horn solos to put up on YouTube.

    The whole concert was filled with Christmas music, and Christmas related music, and even a few random bits of almost but not quite Christmas music. Then there was the Verdi opera chorus from Nabucco, "Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves" (or as our music said the "Enslaved Jews") which is an awesome piece and a tune that will stick in your head for days. We all figured it was in the program as some sort of nod to the fact that Chanukah was happening. However our conductor went on and on about how it was a metaphor for the Italian patriots trying to unify Italy as one nation. And then said it was nice to not have a Christmas concert that had something other than Christmas music in it, and then we began.

    No mention of Chanukah. I don't know if he just didn't know, didn't care, or didn't think we should mention it in the middle of a CHRISTMAS CONCERT. smiley6.gif

    So I will do what he did not since it is still Chanukah right now.

    HAPPY CHANUKAH!!!! smiley12.gif

  • What's Up?

    8 years ago


    I noticed that I hadn't posted a journal for a while (since July 4), so I thought I'd post one so nobody thought I was dead. Gonna babble for a bit, so steel yourself.

    Currently, Gears of War 2 is having its Thanks-Gibbing multi-XP event all week until Friday. Unfortunately, the TV in the room where I can plug my 360 in is out, so I don't have access to Xbox LIVE. Considering I only need eleven more levels until I get to 100, I'm more than a little frazzled. But hey, maybe I'll have a new TV (HD God willing) by Christmas for whatever multi-XP event they've got planned for then. And since Gears 3 was delayed until next fall, I'll have plenty of time to get Veteran Gear before it comes out.

    Next week are a couple of important releases for me. One is Halo: Reach's Noble Map Pack, which I'm sure everyone is excited for. I'm looking forward to a new Invasion map, and Anchor-9 looks pretty cool. The other release is Golden Sun: Dark Dawn for the Nintendo DS, the sequel to two of my favorite games of ALL TIME!!! Very excited, hopefully I can get a ride to Gamestop on Monday.

    Even though I can't participate in Thanks-Gibbing, I'm still enjoying my Thanksgiving break so far. Unfortunately I've got two papers to do before the break is over, one being a five-pager and pretty important for the final grade I'll get in a very important English class. Hopefully I can get over my tendency to procrastinate and get it done without too much trouble.

    Well, now that you know I'm not dead, now seems like a good time to check out. See ya later!

  • Language problems

    8 years ago


    On the internet I might talk like that but it stops there.
    Following words I don't* say in reality:

    *(except in the context they were meant for)

  • Dvorak Musiter...

    8 years ago

    OboeCrazy Freelancer

    My last journal was semi-depressing, even with the cute puppy pictures. I'm still desperate for a job that offers me steady employment (I have some gigs but they are too few, and my gig at Volt won't ever give me more that a day or two a week!) but sitting around writing sad journals about it will not help me find a job. So the hunt continues.

    However I also can't keep neglecting Musiter, my pet project of months of work and perpetual video and audio experience. This week the return of Musiter is Dvorak's Symphony #9 (the New World), second movement. The English horn solo is one of my favorite pieces of all time, so what better way to lift my spirits then with something that always fills my soul with peace?

    The camera work was done with the help of ChurchesWife and KnucklesDawson, who graciously stood around on my balcony filming me play in our backyard. smiley12.gif