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Tagged: BleedPurple

  • Merch

    2 years ago


    Woooooooo I am officially an eventual owner of RT merch!! (it still needs to be shipped but still)

    1 AH Shirt

    1 Funhaus Shirt

    1 Game Attack Hat #BleedPurple

    Is it weird i'm this excited about clothes?? haha

  • As is the custom here's an Featured User Journal

    2 years ago


    Hello fellow Cockbites

    As I'm a featured user today apparently........not quiet sure how one obtained this honour but I'll bask in it's glory while I can........I guess I should write a journal with meaningful and deep thoughts. However as I struggle to string a clever sentence together instead I'll use this time to shamelessly plug myself and some of the things I like:

    Head over to the OCC for some meaningful and interesting conversations...and occasional randomness. Trolls and hateful types need not apply!

    Also RT Radio is haven for good music and fun times so show them some love!

    Please support my little side project of becoming a minor YouTube person by visiting my channel, watching my attempts at fun and subbing if you are a lovely person. I hope you'll find something you enjoy there as I continue to grow (slowly) and put out more varied content.

    If YouTube isn't your thing I also stream at random on Twitch, either by myself or with a group of crazy fools. Give the channel a sub so you know when we go live as I doubt we'll ever have a formal schedule for that.

    Support the newly independent Game Attack if you haven't already, I love Bolen and Craig and it was a brave choice to go independent #BleedPurple

    And above all be nice to each other, support your fellow community members where you can and just generally try to be nice people as I'm sure you are.


    HybridSquirrels xx


    I anyone wants to add me here, on Steam (my current platform of choice) or on XB (Bare with me when accepting as I'm on XB infrequently at the moment) then I don't reject friend requests, tags are on the left of my profile.

    Also if anyone wants to collaborate on YouTube stuff then hit me up with a DM, I know my channels not massive but my bum is (huh?) and I like playing games with likeminded folks.