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  • Rooster Teeth Creative Community

    1 month ago


    Aloha y'all.

    My name is Tony Simonetta. I'm a huge Disney Parks fan, tiki enthusiast, and I hate cooked fruit. I'm also Rooster Teeth's Lead Merchandise Designer, which means I get to work with our talented team of in-house artists to create our full portfolio of merch designs for the Rooster Teeth Store.

    I'm very excited to announce Community Creative, our new initiative to feature products designed by members of the Rooster Teeth Community and shine a light on the amazing artists behind the work. Starting this Friday with our latest Achievement Hunter merch drop, when you see the Community Creative logo it will signify that one of your fellow community members are responsible for the artwork on that piece. They have put blood, sweat, and tears into creating artwork for your favorite Rooster Teeth and Let's Play shows. And Funhaus.


    But it's not  just a fancy new logo! We'll also be featuring our Community Creatives on journals and Rooster Teeth social throughout the year so you can get to know the artists better. Plus, the Rooster Teeth Store will have a special collection page with all of our Community Creative merch so you can easily collect them all.

    Here's a peek at one of the shirts dropping this Friday from Community Creative and Achievement Hunter fan, Sami Jen! (@sami_jen on Twitter)


    Check out Sami Jen's Art here:

    I can't wait to show the Rooster Teeth Community the awesome merch we've got coming, so stay tuned. Finally, a huge Thank You goes out to all our previous Community Creatives for the amazing work they’ve done on the dozens of designs we’ve featured on the Rooster Teeth Store. We can’t wait to work with you again!


    Tony Simonetta

  • im new hi

    1 month ago


    hey did you watch the end of Rooster Teeth Podcast 491? I'm the guy at the end of that. 

    My name is Eric Baudour. I'm from San Diego. I'm the new podcast producer for Rooster Teeth. Rooster Teeth taking a chance on me working on this stuff is real nice of them. The broadcast department over here has been great and I think it's only going to get better. I'll be making sure the ship runs smooth. I'll be helping out on Always Open as well and I'm already sifting through your Box of Issues questions. We'll get to as many as we can, I promise.

    I come from Mega64 and Razer. I'll still pop over to Mega64 from time to time when I'm back home, or for Mega64 Gamedays tickets on sale now. Those are real good friends who are doing real good stuff you should check out right now. Stop reading this and check them out then come back and read the rest of this. Okay you're back. I helped produce the Mega64 Podcast for years and I was on the content production team/the head of broadcast over at Razer. Check them out if you need mice or keyboards or laptops or headphones or a mouse mat that is also a charging pad for a wireless mouse. They're a publicly traded company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Did you know that? Crazy.

    Hopefully you guys are okay with all of this. Your favorite shows will keep being as good as they are, if not better. That'd be something, right? We got Geoff on this last one. That's something. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  Podcast 500 is coming up too. What do you want to see from that?

    I appreciate everyone who is nice and smart and cool and funny and being nice.

    Thank you,



  • Welcome Eric Baudour to Broadcast!

    1 month ago


    After almost five years of helping Gus produce the RT Podcast, I'm passing the baton to Eric Baudour.  Some of you may recognize Eric from Mega64 where he helped produce their podcast for eight years.  What you may not know is that Eric was also the director of broadcast for Razer for the last four years.  He comes to Rooster Teeth with an awesome amount of broadcast experience and I'm thrilled at the possibilities with him on our team.  As podcast producer, Eric will be not only work with RTP but all of our talk shows, like Always Open.  I'll continue as head of RT Broadcast, working with our new creative team, including Eric, Todd Womack and all of our broadcast producers to develop new shows for you.  And I'll still be around for the podcast so you'll still hear my voice every now and then.  :)

    Please welcome Eric and show him what it is to be a part of our incredible community!

  • Branded Pilot Journal

    1 month ago


    Party peoples,

    It’s been a minute. I miss all your pretty faces.

    I’m super excited to share with you the debut of our Branded pilot (haven't seen it? Go check it out now!) It is a workplace comedy that revolves around a handful of dishonest idiots who work at a small digital ad agency, producing the worst viral videos you’ve ever seen. It’s very much inspired by the people and projects I interacted with during the three years I spent in LA working on “branded content” (which is industry speak for the YouTube commercials you desperately try to skip after five obnoxious seconds).

    We’ve been working hard on this for a few months and I know you guys are gonna love it. In addition to the friendly faces of @burnie, @Joel, and @micaburton, the show stars some of the most talented, funny, and professional actors I’ve ever worked with, hands down. Mike Capes from the hysterical Hacks of Life. Ted Meredith. Christina Parrish. Byron Brown. Jonah Yohana. Liz Tabish. All of them brought something incredible to the characters that really elevated the show. If you haven’t seen their work before, you’re in for a treat.

    We wanted the show to feel like Mike Judge tackled the world of Mad Men, but set during the digital age. Some of my favorite comedies are Silicon Valley, Always Sunny, and Fresh Meat. We took those inspirations and combined them with a loose, fast-paced approach similar to Brooklyn 99 or Curb Your Enthusiasm. And that’s how Branded was born.

    Check it out and let us know what you think!


  • Money money money monnnneyy MONNNEY *Japan Entry #3*

    1 month ago

    ChrisKO Might steal your tacos


    So, this post will be about dat money. I'm going to try and keep this one a bit more concise, but we'll see how that goes. 


    • JPY
    • ATMs
    • Withdrawing cash before you go
    • Tipping
    • Credit Cards

    JPY or Japanese Yen!

    So, as you may have gathered, JPY is the stock term for Japanese Yen. Currently, it values at roughly 0.0092 compared to the .01 in USD. 

    In short, $1 = ¥109.

    JPY comes in all shapes and sizes. Even the valuable bits can be in coin format. I won't get super exhaustive on this one, though. Just keep in mind that at any given moment, you can have a ¥100 or ¥500 in your pocket (which equates to roughly $1 and $4.50, respectively). Most vending machines will accept ¥10s and up.

    Here's an image of what the money looks like.

    One thing to note: when you return to the US, banks will not accept your coins for exchange. So be sure to spend them all or exchange them at the airport in Japan before you depart. We meta-gamed the hell out of this, trying to spend all of our coin before we returned. 


    You'll likely be within proximity of a Family Mart, Lawsons, or 7-11 at any given time. Any of these will more than likely have an ATM for you to withdraw some cash from. Just keep in mind, some banks charge more for foreign transaction fees in this realm. I got hit with a roughly $15 fee with Bank of America, whereas Jamm (who has RBFCU) didn't see even a blip on her bank statement. So, make sure to read up on if your bank has fees in this realm. 

    This leads me into my next section!

    Consider Withdrawing Cash Before You Go

    This was hugely beneficial to me, since Bank of America will do this for free if you withdraw more than $1k. Otherwise, there's about a $7-8 fee for shipping.

    In short: Look into if your bank has a foreign currency exchange and go from there. Try to avoid doing this at your local airport, since the fees/exchange rates there are a bit bogus, IMO. 


    Don't do it. 

    Credit Cards

    You'll find that some places accept credit cards, however not all CCs are usually accepted out there. My American Express was useful in a few circumstances, but I highly recommend sticking to cash for this trip if you can help it. If you do end up using a card, you might want to do a bit more research on if your card has any presence out there and if so, make sure to notify your CC company. The last thing you want is for them to lock you out of your account while you're overseas. 

    Alright! This was kind of a boring one. Hopefully it was somewhat useful, though. The next one will be about transit! Grab some popcorn and hold onto your butts. That's going to be a long one. 

    Until next time. 


  • Captain Marvel Enlists Annette Bening!

    1 month ago


    You know, I love it when the MCU lands big, serious actors. I mean, superhero movies on the whole don't have a problem hiring all sorts of actors, from A-list to Oscar types, like Viola Davis and Will Smith in Suicide Squad or Benedict Cumberbatch for Dr. Strange or Jeff Bridges in Iron Man, but occasionally there's a bit of old school casting that makes me sit up and take notice.

    Gary Shandling in Iron Man 2 was the first one. I just never pictured a world in which Larry Sanders himself would be on screen with Tony Stark. Kurt Russell in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was another happy surprise.

    The biggest get up to this point was Robert Redford in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Him being the big bad guy of that film helped Winter Soldier set a new tone for the MCU. It's still got goofy comic book shit in it (the whole Zola/Talking Computer sequence for instance), but there's a degree of legitimacy that comes with someone like Redford.

    It seems like Captain Marvel is going in that same direction, at least in terms of casting. The Hollywood Reporter has a story saying that Annette Bening was cast in a secretive role that is most likely a scientist of some sort. 


    Bening doesn't do a lot of giant budget movies and when she does they tend to be weird. Mars Attacks jumps to mind. Her big films all seem to be awards stuff, like American Beauty. She usually stays in the more serious adult drama world so when she signs up for something like Captain Marvel that tells me she believes in the story being told and/or really wants some of that sweet, sweet comic book movie money.

    Either way it's an exciting development for MCU fans. 

  • Why Nintendo's Online and Classic Games Service are a GOOD THING!

    1 month ago


    Yesterday Nintendo announced more about their plans for the Switch's online service and offerings.  So let's break it down a bit and I'll explain why, in the long run, this will be a smart choice by Nintendo.

    At this point in the console market you have to pay to play online, no matter the console.  Playstation 4, Xbox One, and now Switch all force players to pay a monthly (or quarterly/yearly) to connect to their friends.  We knew from the outset that Nintendo was planning on changing from the "Free Online" to a service right at the start, but they will continue to offer free online until the subscription service goes live.

    All in all, a pretty good deal all around.  Nintendo gets to constantly test it's online offerings with first and third party titles until they're confident they are offering a service worth paying for; while players get to enjoy those months of testing for free.  Sort of like a "beta" in a way.

    While I'll admit, the Switch's online service is bare bones and is full of issues, this is truly their first dive into something like this.  Yes they've had online services before, but it was pretty much "per game" and not a whole network.  And, before anyone says it, yes the "chat with friends" feature is pretty garbage and should absolutely be changed.

    So what is Nintendo offering, and why is it "good"?

    A paid for online service means money to make the platform better.  Yes that means that you'll have to pay to play online with the games you've been playing for no more Mario Kart, Splatoon 2, or ARMS online unless you fork over some cash.  But that cash means the online service will become "profitable", and if the service goes down you'll have a better reason to complain.  Think the early days of Xbox Live, they were rough, but now it's easily one of the best services as far as stability is concerned and that didn't just happen overnight.  The act of paying for it will also make Nintendo more accountable for service delays and down times.

    You'll finally have "Save Data Cloud Backup", and honestly I know a lot of people who live and die by their backup saves.  I've never been a stickler for this, as I've only had very few instances of my saves getting deleted or my console being "beyond repair", but you really never can know when something will just stop working.  So having the ability to finally back up saves, -then- send your Switch to Nintendo for repairs, and being able to restore your Switch back to how it was is something absolutely needed in this day and age.  Yes, you have to pay for it, but you have to pay for cloud backups on PSN and XBL as well, so no big shock.  Again, would be great if they had a way to do offline backups, but we're talking specifically about the online services here and not what firmware updates Nintendo should do.

    This one is the only real point of contention for me...the "Nintendo Switch Online App".  It's rubbish.  Everyone knows it's rubbish.  "Want to talk to your friends online while you play?  Get this convoluted app!  Then plug a horrible mess of wires everywhere and you're ready to go!  Just pray your phone battery doesn't die in the middle of your gaming session!"  It's silly, out dated, and I can't honestly see Nintendo keeping this around for the duration of the Switch's life.  But, as I mentioned before, with the service becoming a "paid for" thing, outcrys from unhappy customers will easily sway Nintendo to change this if it starts dipping into profits.

    "Special Offers"!  One of the major problems I have with the Switch's online store right now is the fact that there arn't many sales.  It seems, and this is such a simple thing, that when the online service launches folks who opt into it will be given discounts much like PSN and XBL.  I can't tell you how many times I've picked up new games just because they dropped an addition 20%.  More games at a cheaper price just because you're subscribed to a service?  It's one of my favorite things about XBL and PSN so I'm happy it's coming to Switch.

    Finally, the big one.  Nintendo is turning classic games into something akin to "Xbox Game Pass".  Now, lots of people are upset with the small amount of 20 NES games at launch, but there's some reasoning to this.  These 20 games arn't just the same Virtual Console versions re-released.  You'll be able to play games like Super Mario Bros 3, Ice Climber, Baloon Fight, etc ONLINE with your friends.  Sure, it's not that big of a deal, but think about how this will change in the future.  What happens when we finally get SNES, N64, and potentially Game Cube titles on the platform?  If the concept is to bring "online play" to previously couch co-op only titles that means we could see Smash Bros, Melee, Pokemon Stadium, etc see the same functionality.  Not to mention, these games offered through the service come at no extra cost, unlike Game Pass.

    So what's everyone upset about?  Well Nintendo mentioned that "Virtual Console" is going away.  But that's not really the case.  The branding and such of Virtual Console will be gone, but I suspect that any game that doesn't get the "NOW WITH ONLINE PLAY" functionality added will be simply re-released on the eShop, much like how we're seeing the "ACA NEOGEO" games hit the platform.

    The wrap it up, Nintendo is taking a big step forward in providing a solid online gaming service complete with Netflix like game offerings that will rotate out every so often.  Will it have some major bumps along the way?  Absolutely!  But so did PSN and XBL, and by thoroughly testing, communicating with the players, and of course "more time spent actually developing it", we can expect Nintendo to develop it into something we'll all be 'pretty happy' with.  Because...let's be honest, we're never truly satisfied.

    BONUS ROUND!  Switch's online service is $20 per year (with the NESFlix like service added free), compare that to Xbox Live at $60 per year + $10 per month for Game Pass and PSN at $60 per year and PS Now at $20 per month...Nintendo's is a bargain, even with the (currently) smaller offerings.

    What are your thoughts on Nintendo's online service?  Will you be getting it or just waiting until the platform becomes more viable?  Is there something Nintendo should change about it before launch?  And while we're at it, what HARDWARE and FIRMWARE updates would you like to see happen that could make the online service even better?

  • Burt Reynolds May Star In Tarantino's Once Upon A Time In Hollywood!

    1 month ago


    Burt Reynolds was once the biggest movie star in Hollywood. He rode that wave for a decade before audiences opted for more action hero types like Schwarzenegger and Willis and Stallone. Movie star ranking aside, Reynolds was one of the most charismatic leading men to enjoy success in the movie industry. Watch Smokey and the Bandit or Hooper or White Lightning or Gator and tell me I'm wrong.

    The dude can phone it in for a paycheck (he did star in a Uwe Boll movie once after all), but when he's challenged he can be magic. Look no further than the performance Paul Thomas Anderson got out of him in Boogie Nights. Although he quarreled with his director that collaboration gave us something wonderful. 


    I'm hoping we'll get the same kind of commitment here. According to Deadline, Reynolds is in talks to star alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt in Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. He'd be playing George Spahn, the 80 year old blind owner of the infamous Spahn Ranch, which he would rent out as a western town to movie and TV productions from time to time, although that's not why Spahn Ranch is well known today. 

    Today it's more famous as being home to the Manson Family. Spahn let Charles Manson and his follows camp down at the ranch and in exchange Charlie had his follows have sex with the elderly man. This is the real life dude here:


    The part is supposed to be a pretty juicy one. Deadline also reported that Tarantino regulars Kurt Russell, Michael Madsen and Tim Roth are also in talks to join up in smaller parts. 

    At CinemaCon Tarantino said that there were going to be a ton of small, but memorable roles in this one, much like in his early work. I'd be shocked if Sam Jackson doesn't already have a part locked down.

    This is one of my most anticipated movies in production right now. Can't wait to see how it all comes together!

  • Pilot month is here

    1 month ago

    ebregman Programming

    Know when you have a secret and you whisper it to your friend because you’re so excited about it? That’s what this whole month is like for me.

    You might have noticed it’s been quieter than normal around here. At the same time, you also might’ve noticed that what new stuff we’ve premiered has been really, really awesome. “Fully baked,” as we like to call it. That’s because we’re working hard to spend more time developing concepts before they start airing. We pride ourselves on being experimental, and that’s not going anywhere. But there’s no doubt that when we take our time, amazing things happen - just look at Nomad of Nowhere!

    The result is a whole lot of crazy talented people have been working hard on new shows for you, and we’re finally ready to share a taste of them with FIRST Members. The pilots we’re airing this month are all exclusively for FIRST Members, but if we decide to do a whole season of a new series, that series might end up windowing to free-to-watch. We definitely want your feedback on these (in case you were planning to be shy about it...which you were not…), but to be clear: we’re not asking you to vote on what we make. As always we value your input, but if we just made what you wanted we’d only make Tuesday Night Game Fight.

    So if you’ve ever thought about becoming a FIRST member, now is a good time to see what it’s all about and sample what you might get really soon!

    I owe you a patch notes post, which I promise is coming. In the meantime, post some questions in the comments!

    EDIT: A schedule would be helpful!


  • Let's talk about vidja games! *Japan Entry #2*

    1 month ago

    ChrisKO Might steal your tacos

    In this post, I'll be covering a small portion of the games you can commonly find in Japan as well as some things to look out for in this realm. 

    I won't be posting disclaimers for each of these. So please refer to post #1 if you've forgotten what I've said about these posts. ;) 

    Oh and one more note: I'm not particularly watching through the videos I'm posting below in full. Just scrubbing through to see if they cover the topic as well as I'm aiming for. 

    Okay, here we goooooo!


    • Claw Machines
    • Rhythm Games
    • Medal Games
    • Gacha Machines
    • *NEW* Japanese Exclusives

    In this post, I'm going to highlight a myriad of things relating to my experiences at the arcades in Japan. I didn't spend too much time playing the super neat Japanese exclusive games, so.. apologies in advance if that's what you're here for!

    Claw Machines (I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir on this one)

    If you're going to play any claw machines/prize machines (basically any machine where there's a chance you're going to snag a cute stuffed animal, chocolate/snacks, or one of them thar booby figures) you need to know this now: they are rigged like a lottery system. What I mean by this is, the claw has a better grasp on your prize at some interval of time after so many coins are placed in. I watched as the claw very visibly opened up and released my prize as soon as it got to the top. Like, it wasn't even being sneaky about it.

    Potentially better explanation?: Once every 'x' number of tries it'll grasp it for longer, but after 'y' amount of time the claw opens and drops your item. 

    I know this is kind of a known thing for claw machines in general, but I was pretty surprised when I saw the claw literally just open up as soon as it reached the top of the machine. 

    Additionally, there are so many variations of this style of game there. Each with it's own different series of pros and cons and style of prize. 

    All of this being said, there have been plenty of instances where folks have won, but just keep in mind, that Rem figure might be worth trying to buy for ¥2000 right down the street if you can't quite get it after 'x' attempts at ¥200 a go. 

    That being said, these are a huge draw in Japan and they're fun to play. I had a few instances where I got realllllllly close to winning a few things, but it just never worked out in my favor. 


    Here's a link to some 'tips' on how to play these types of games:

    Rhythm Games

    I can't speak on this subject a whole lot, since I'm not much of a rhythm gamer. But if you want to see some insaaaanely talented gamers in this particular realm, go check out the rhythm game floor at any of the arcades. I'm talking, custom gloves and headphones for some of these games. And the passion, OH the passion. I saw a guy 100% the song he was playing and scream "YES" and collapse right in front of the machine from excitement. 

    Additionally, if you've never seen Dance Rush Stardom, this is the place to do it. It's soooooo cool:

    Medal Games

    So, we made our way to TAITO Game Station with the intention of just getting 30m of game time in and ended up staying for 3-4 hours. The medal games there. If you're wondering what those are, here's a video of someone else playing: 

    So, why were we there for 3-4 hours? Well. We split into 3 groups of two and over the span of that 3-4 hours, each group hit the grand jackpot (roughly $200) in medal, which was super neat... at first. But then we realized something. 

    Gambling is mostly illegal in Japan, so those coins are basically useless outside of that floor (I believe) and you're mostly limited to that style of game. So, no trading in for that big fluffy penguin or tiddy figure, or whatever. The odds are super in your favor, since you can't really leave with their money and let me tell you, when you win, and you will, it's basically like defeating Safer-Sephiroth at the end of FFVII, but like, more insane. I'll let you figure this one out when you get there. Just be ready for the whole place to go off.

    Gacha Machines

    A 'Gacha Machine' is essentially a blind box vending machine that delivers a capsule with one of 'x' number of prizes from within a themed machine. They usually cost somewhere around ¥100-¥300 and can range from things like small Gundams to hats for your cats! When I was in Dotonbori in Osaka, at any given moment, I could likely do a 360 and spot at least one of these Gacha Machines. So, if you see one that has something you're kind of interested in, hold off! There will definitely be more opportunities for you to snag that perfect capsule! You'll find these en masse at arcades, too. 

    I would like to reiterate the cost of these, just so you don't find yourself accidentally spending all of your money, though: ¥100 is roughly equal to a dollar. It doesn't feel like it, though, since everything under ¥1000 (~$10) is in coin form. So, just be wary when you're feeding those machines to get that super sweet tomato hat for your furry friend. 

    Japanese Exclusive Arcade Goodness

    It seems like a culture has really developed in Japan surrounding these arcade games. It was a bit intimidating to walk up to these machines and give them a go, when the locals would kind of stare at you with coin in hand, waiting for you to quit wasting their time so they can play these games with their friends.That being said, no one was ever openly rude and it seems like they were used to this. So if you see an open machine, give it a go. If people watching you gives you anxiety, consider going in the morning or during slow times at the arcade. 

    The experience may be a bit peculiar, as every one of these games was in Japanese, but it was certainly an awesome experience. One game I tried was Gunslinger Stratos. I had to waffle my way through the menus, but once I played the game, it felt like a super cool dual wielding experience. I got my ass handed to me, but I still had fun. :) 


    Another game I saw, 'Senjo No Kizuna', a pod style mecha game, looked insanely neat! The graphics were a bit dated (think Armored Core 1 or 2), but the overall concept seemed to make you feel as if you were suiting up in a mecha and taking on other challengers in their respective mechs. I didn't get a chance to play this one, but if you get a chance, try it out and let me know what you think!

    Link:(Here's a video of a fella showing you how to play the game. There aren't many good videos on this, so, apologies for the.. barf cam?) 

    And then, of course, there's Final Fantasy Dissidia in arcade format. Not sure if we have this in the arcades here or not, but let me tell you, watching a row of folks playing this in an arcade was intense. I wasn't ready to try this out, but it made me want to pick it up as soon as I got home (spoiler: I haven't yet). 

    Alright. So. This felt a bit long winded. Did I go into too much detail? Did I forget anything? Let me know in the comments below! 

    Like. Subs... wait. That's not right.

    The next entry will be on currency!

    Thanks for reading!

    - ck.

  • Ohayo Gozaimasu! (well, sort of) *Japan Entry #1*

    1 month ago

    ChrisKO Might steal your tacos

    Hey there, friends!

    So, I've been really excited to share some of my newfound knowledge of what it's like to visit Japan and give some light on my personal experiences in hopes that it may help some of you down the line. Additionally! I'd be incredibly curious to hear what some of you have to say about my experiences or even any experiences you've had personally, there, in hopes that it'll better prepare me for my next adventure out there. 

    Now, before I go on, I'm going to set a few preliminary expectations. 

    1) YMMV. My experience will likely be pretty dang different than any experience you have (or have had). I get it. I'm simply writing this to A) share my experience because I had a blast and B) hopefully help you (the reader) with some of the common mistakes I made along the way and point you towards some of the cool things I tried that you might like.

    2) Don't be a dick. If I'm saying something incorrectly or did something incorrectly I'm mooooore than happy to talk through it/resolve it to make sure things were said in a correct manner. But we can do this constructively if we work together! :D

    Alright, sorry to be a total tease, but I'm only going to share the rough outline for this tonight and get started on my entries in full tomorrow(ish) (05/09)! Please note that this may change as I'm writing. 

    Here's that dang ole list: 


    • Claw machines
    • Rhythm Games
    • Medal machines
    • Gacha Machines


    • Coins
    • ATMs
    • Withdrawing cash before you go


    • JR 
    • Driving/Parking at the airport vs. Renting Cars (What's more cost effective?)
    • Suica
    • Google Maps/3rd party Apps
    • Walking (So. Much. Walking.)
    • Big travel days

    Places I visited (and things to do there!)


    • Arashiyama
    • Fushimi Inari


    • Dotonbori
    • Osaka Castle
    • Abeno Harukas


    • Akihabara 
    • Nakano
    • Odaiba
    • Shinjuku
    • Harajuku

    Places I missed (that I wish I hadn't)

    • Himeji castle
    • Nijo Castle
    • Tsukiji Market
    • Parks! (Yoyogi)


    • Due dilligence!
    •    Distance to stations, quality of the room, etc.
    • Pocket WiFi 

    General Information

    • WiFi/Cell Services
    • Hawkers (typically, the folk trying to sell you stuff or get you into their bars)
    • General Do’s/Don’ts
    • Toilets
    • Garbage

    Food Suggestions

    • Food is basically delicious everywhere
    • Specific food places in Osaka, Tokyo, Kyoto and more! 

    Souvenirs, figures, clothing, and you

    • Don't buy the 'first one' you see! 
    • Japan Exclusives
    • Tax Free
    • Duty Free 


    • Basic words to know and when to use them
    • How little you need just to get around

    And I think this about covers it as a starting point. I can't guarantee that each topic will be lengthy, but I definitely want to say at least a few words on each. 

    Actual blog things to come soon enough! For now, back to sleep! I'm still jet lagged like a mug. 



  • Fox Continues To Kill It With Their Deadpool 2 Marketing! New Poster Is Both Funny And Beautiful!

    1 month ago


    If you couldn't be more psyched for Deadpool 2 then prepare to push yourself even further with this gorgeous and funny art poster Fox just released. "From the Studio That Killed Wolverine." Bless you all. I want this on my wall now. 


    Ain't that thing a beaut? I mean, we have Blind Al, Terry Crews, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Ricky Baker, Shatterstar and Rob Delaney all on one poster! I mean, there's everything AND, literally, the kitchen sink in this poster. If this movie is even a fraction as awesome as this poster we're all in for a great time. Only a week and a half to wait, folks!

  • We are doing a charity thing!

    1 month ago

    kriss Community Manager

    @MrWartburg 's post sums it up best, so I highly encourage you to read it and check it out! I hope to see you on the 19th! 

    PS: If you donate, you get a chance to win shinies created by MrWartburg himself! Check out all the deets on his post linked above! <3 



  • Wait, John Lithgow is going to play Jud Crandall in the new Pet Sematary remake?!?

    1 month ago


    This may be a little niche, but today's casting news of John Lithgow joining up with the pending Pet Sematary remake is right up my alley. Lithgow is awesome and he's going to be playing of my favorite King characters: Jud Crandall. 


    You'll remember the late, great Fred Gwynne played Jud in the original film and he did a bang up job, putting on an authentic Maine accent so thick he became a quick parody. South Park straight up cut and paste him into the series he was so memorable in that role. "Don't go down that road..." 

    Much like Gwynne, Lithgow's career has been mostly built around him being such a lovable guy. There have been a few exceptions, my favorite being his cold-blooded strangler character in Brian De Palma's Blow Out, but on the whole Lithgow was mostly the dad you always wanted.

    Crandall is the granddad you always wanted, so that fits. He's kind, smart, has an answer for everything, but he's also haunted. In this case he's haunted by the knowledge he has... of a little clearing beyond the pet cemetery where the soil is stoney, like a man's heart. And he's haunted by the power he knows that place possesses. 


    The remake cast Jason Clarke as the lead, Louis Creed, a doctor who moves his family to a small town in Maine and now Lithgow. Both have starred in recent Planet of the Apes movies, so here's hoping Andy Serkis comes in to MoCap the Creeds' undead cat, Church.

    This marks a post-IT renaissance of Stephen King adaptations and I'm there for it. What do you folks think? 

  • Tall Life

    1 month ago

    Qholtz VFX Artist Rooster Teeth

    I want to take it upon myself to give a little insight into the world of being tall.

    At work, and any place I visit frequently,  I like to put my initials in dust where the normal sized person can not see it.  Please observe my recent dust tag of our RT break room.  This guy is at least 2 weeks old.



  • This Week At ScrewAttack - 5/4/2018

    1 month ago

    JoshuaKazemi @joshuakazemi

    The Desk of The Desk of DEATH BATTLE - The Kingdom Hearts Conspiracy - Writer & Editor Notes

    • I may or may not have hid 13 things in this video. Happy hunting!
    • I wish you all knew just how many times we heard Noel whisper "Orichalcum" to himself in the office this week. 
    • I got super excited when I realized that I used a clip of Jack De Sena with Lisa Foiles (Jocelyn) performing voice over on top of it. It's All That!
    • The shot of the Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland is from a home movie I made in 2011.
    • I love Disney and I'd be fine if they owned the world.
    • I also love a good (crazy) conspiracy theory and a good satire. 
    • When I was working on the script, I was looking for something about Kingdom Hearts, since that's the most recent Death Battle, and then I remembered all of the 13 stuff as I started researching. It was perfect because my love for Disney and the Disney parks meant that I had all of that Mickey Mouse info locked and loaded. It all just flowed out of me like a nerd at a very specific trivia night. 
    • Thank goodness for Chad James. He helped me punch up the script and found a great button to end on. 
    • Also Kingdom Hearts is so freaking cool. (crazy plotting and all) I gotta play these games again.
    • There are 13 notes in this journal. 
    • Seriously. 
    • Count them. 
    • Told you. 

    Watch the Video: RT 

  • My Favorite Shows

    1 month ago

    yvonne COO

    For those who know me, this won't come as a surprise, but I have been a fan of The Walking Dead since the first episode aired.  I waited impatiently for that first episode and when I saw the half zombie on the ground trying to get to Rick, well, I was hooked and have yet to miss a single episode. 

    I love the basic premise of the show, how we are all "the walking dead", and how do you manage to create a society we want to live in with these huge challenges (personalized by zombies).

    Now I have a new show, The Handmaid's Tale.  I've read the book a couple of times (yes I read 1 to 2 books a week - recommendations always welcomed - I finished Dean Koontz's Frankenstein yesterday - not one of his best) but I find the show goes beyond the book in telling a story of what society can become if we let it.  Frankly, this story scares me more than zombies.

    However,  this is not a post about society, but about what we take from the entertainment we watch.  I'm looking for insight into what I can do to improve myself and become a better person, and identify what is really truly important to me.  I think that is why I like 'end of the world' stories so much.  How do we survive and make this a better world?  I watch shows and movies that make me question something about myself and society and challenges me to think.

    But how does that explain all the sappy love stories, romantic comedies I watch?  Yes, I watched P.S. I Love You  - again - last night.  What again? You've seen it at least 10 times already.  I love that movie, it always makes me cry. But it makes me think about the impact love can have upon us. Love between partners, parents, and the love between friends, and how can I better bring more love into my life and the life of those around me.

    That is why I watch my favorite shows - what about you? What are you watching and why?

  • God of War

    1 month ago


    This is my current treadmill game so I am thinking of going for Platinum. Anything I should know? For instance, should I be killing every Eye of Odin I see or wait until I can track all that?

  • Latest update to the new apps

    1 month ago


    What’s up y’all! I’m very excited to announce that the latest update to the Rooster Teeth apps includes support for Chromecast! It's available now for iOS (Get it here!) and Android (Available now!), so check the app store to download the Rooster Teeth app or update yours -  and start streaming!

    How to stream videos from via Chromecast:

    • Make sure that your devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

    • Open the app

    • Find something awesome to watch

    • Tap the Cast button, a square with three curved lines like the Wi-Fi symbol coming out of the corner.

    • If you only have a single Chromecast on the network, the video should start playing immediately. If not, you'll see a list of available devices, and you'll have to tap on the one you want to cast the video to.

    And that’s how easy it is to have Chromecast right at your fingertips. We’ll be back soon to talk more about what’s coming down the pipe for mobile apps and web. Stay tuned!

  • Eric Vespe Takes You Behind The Scenes Of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom!

    1 month ago


    The summer of '93 was an import one for me as a movie geek. Of course I had grown up with Steven Spielberg's work like Jaws and the Indiana Jones films and Close Encounters and ET, but I had never been caught up in one of those as an “event.” They had simply existed, either on cable or VHS. I did go see Last Crusade opening weekend with my family, but it was just a cool thing to do, not necessarily a landmark moment.

    The evening of Friday June 11th, 1993 I was at my grandparent's house. We were watching the news after dinner and the big story were the lines around the block for Jurassic Park. 


    I was so pumped to see the movie, but also nervous. I was supposed to go see it the next morning, but could I even get in?

    My grandparents very rarely went to the movies with me. Grandpa Vic would often say “I want to keep my shoes” when I'd ask him to go watch movies with me, referring to the sticky floors of the theaters. But they encouraged my movie habit and bright and early Saturday morning my Grandmother dropped me off at the domed Century Theaters in San Jose, California.

    I walked up to the ticket booth while my Grandmother waited to make sure I could actually get in and sure enough I was able to buy a ticket to the first screening that morning. No lines, no problems. I vividly remember getting a Coke and some Red Vines, thinking all that stuff on the news was overblown and then I entered the theater... a buzzing, packed theater.

    Somehow I hit the sweet spot between sold out and lining up hours in advance and just kinda slid on in. I remember sitting off-center and being perfectly happy with my seat and then the usher came in and asked everybody to scoot towards the middle so the next wave of people could have easy access to remaining seats.

    When all was said and done I somehow ended dead center, middle of the theater. It's like fate put me in that seat. Then the movie played and I was hooked in a way I had never been before. Some of it was the buzz of the crowd, some was the technical majesty of the effects, both practical and digital, on the screen, some of it was the charisma of all the actors, a good deal was John Williams' score and there was also a little bit attributed to the state of the art immersive screen I was watching it on.

    The Century theaters were domed, with curved screens so it felt a little bit like I was surrounded by the movie. Not only that, but this was my first experience with Digital Sound. The DTS logo is super cheesy now, but at the time it blew my mind (and my eardrums).

    I was so into the movie. A 12 year old boy in 1993 was already the perfect mark for Jurassic Park and when you add in the fantastic presentation to the mix you get something life-changing.

    I'll always love Jurassic Park thanks to that screening. That summer I was boy obsessed. I both read the original Michael Crichton novel and listened to the audio book (read by John Heard). I collected Jurassic Park trading cards, I bought the making of book, I listened to the soundtrack on repeat, I pumped countless quarters into the Jurassic Park pinball machine. And I dreamed of petting a real life dinosaur.

    Cut to 24 years later and I found myself in the jungles of Hawaii, about to enter a tent filled with animatronic dinosaurs. Twelve year old me was very much on my mind in that moment.

    But lets back up a second. I got the call asking if I wanted to visit the set of the Jurassic World sequel after I had booked a much-needed vacation to New Zealand in that same timeframe. However you must remember that whole page of backstory I just made you read. A little thing like vacation wasn't going to keep me from getting to visit a Jurassic park in real life. The way it all worked out I flew from Austin to LA to Aukland to Wellington (roughly 20-ish hours of travel), got to sleep for a night and then got on an airplane and headed about 10 hours back the way I just came and I did so with a smile because there was a chance I was gonna see some goddamn dinosaurs and for that I'd fly around the world three times over.

    One of the perks of getting to touch down in New Zealand first was I happened upon a bag of limited edition Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Doritos that was only available in the Southern hemisphere. The chips were green colored and “Gamora themed” and I said “Screw it, I'm going to gift these to Chris Pratt if I get the chance.”

    So, me and my movie tie-in junk food ended up in Hawaii where I found out the set visit was very limited. It was just me and Slashfilm's Peter Sciretta there, which made the whole thing feel intimate and less junket-y where you're herded like cattle from one part of the visit to another. Don't get me wrong, those visits are fine, too, but this kind is way better.


    Our first stop was the destroyed Main Street of Jurassic World, built up off of Police Beach on the North Shore of Oahu. This exterior set was totally cool to be exposed to the elements because in the story for the sequel the Park has been abandoned for years. They've given it back to the dinosaurs and thus everything is overgrown, broken down, unkempt and probably filled with a bunch of dino doo-doo. I didn't see any, but I'm sure it was there.

    They built Main Street on an old WW2 airfield and it looked identical to the one you see (in much better shape) in the first Jurassic World even though that original set was built in New Orleans. The production design team was able to recreate it in exacting detail from the construction drawings, 3-D scans and photos taken on set the first time around.

    I didn't see any evidence of it, but I'm hoping we see a skeleton holding margarita glasses in each hand somewhere in this scene.

    While that's wishful thinking on my part, what I can say is that this location doesn't play a huge part of the movie, but I was told that it serves a pretty big moment that sounds like it mirrors the original Jurassic Park.

    When our heroes return to the island they find more dead dinosaurs than alive dinosaurs. Bones, carcasses, etc. I mean, the dinos have been left to their own devices so naturally the meat-eating meatasauruses have been eating the veggiesauruses and they don't tend to clean up after themselves.

    Apparently our heroes come to Main Street and see their first sign of life: a Brachiosaur walking amongst the ruins. Like I said, it sounds like a callback to the original moment when Grant sees the Brachiosaur for the first time. There's still awe and majesty even as this island is about to go up in flames.

    One of the big characters that has been kept out of pretty much all advertising is Ted Levine's character, Wheatley. We didn't get to see him work, but we heard a lot about him. Ted Levine is a very great and intimidating character actor probably best known as Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs and his character here is apparently a real son of a bitch. He's a hard-ass military style dude on the ground to organize the extraction of the very specific species he's tasked to grab and from the sounds of things he's a little bit of a mix of Pete Postlethwaite's Roland Tembo and Peter Stormare's Dieter Stark from The Lost World in that he'd rather hunt the dinosaurs instead of saving them, but he doesn't seem to have Tembo's respect for the animal. He's a little more cruel about it and like most cruel people in the Jurassic universe things probably aren't going to end too well for this dude.

    While the production was very secretive about what happens after everybody gets off the island we did get filled in on some of the key on-island locations. We know that our group is trying to find Blue and to do so they need to journey to a radio tower on the island where they can plug in and track the dinosaurs (remember they all had tracking devices implanted). I assume there is where Justice Smith's character comes in since he's a computer dude who is deathly afraid of literally everything on the island.

    We've all seen the trailers by now so you know they find Blue. What you might have missed is that Blue has made her nest in the overturned jeep that the T-Rex messed up so beautifully in Jurassic Park. I was told later that the idea to do that came from Mondo, of all places. You may remember their teaser poster print they did for Jurassic World depicting a Raptor on top of the ruins of the car. Apparently that image stuck with the creative team and they couldn't find a place to put it in the first film, so they wrote that into the sequel.


    And speaking of Blue, I guess it's time to talk about losing my mind and petting a real, living, breathing dinosaur.

    I'm jumping forward a little bit here, but before the final part of our set visit, Peter and I got to step into the SFX tent and see some of the animatronics involved in the movie. We missed the biggest animatronic build of the shoot, sadly. They built a full sized T-Rex all drugged out and in her container, but that wasn't brought to Hawaii so I didn't get to see her.

    I did get to see a baby stegosaurus and Blue in all her head to toe glory, though, so I'm not complaining.

    The stego was a partial build. The body wasn't fully animatronic as the scene it's in apparently calls for it to be fairly stationary. The head, though, was articulated and puppeted by two guys, one controlling the rig that made its head move around in a surprisingly big range and the other using a remote control to make the eyes blink.

    Working together they made this head on metal skeleton come to life. It sniffed at my leg and nudged my outstretched hand like a big, goofy dog. Even though I could see the illusion thanks to the physical body not being in that tent at the time I still bought into it thanks to the animation happening before my eyes.

    The raptor didn't require as much suspension of disbelief. Blue was a full build. She was groggy, laying on the ground, but fully articulated. Her legs could push out, her arms moved, her ribcage expanded and contracted with each breath, her head could raise up off the ground and move around, her eyes opened and closed and could follow you, her mouth and tongue were working. In short, she was alive. In that tent at that moment, with a huge team of puppeteers behind her, Blue was a living thing.

    This was the moment I had dreamed of since I was a wide-eyed kid sitting in that movie theater watching dinosaurs come to life.

    The SFX crew told us that this particular build breaks down into three parts that when connected makes a seamless, full body Velociraptor and that it typically takes 11 puppeteers to bring her to life. Some will operate individual limbs, some the bladders built in that make it look like she's breathing, some on her face.

    The SFX team, lead by Star Wars' Neal Scanlan, didn't just create living dinosaurs. Nope, there's lots of dead ones as well. Near Blue's nest, out in the jungles of Hawaii, they built a full scale, dead adult Stegosaurus. This thing was massive. Sixty feet long, 15 feet tall, and immaculately detailed. Leathery, drying skin hanging over an exposed ribcage... It was sad and beautiful at the same time.

    There were a good dozen more dino carcasses scattered around the landscape. We went to visit the Radio Tower location, which is near where they shot the Gyrosphere Valley sequence in the first Jurassic World, at a place called Kualoa Ranch, which has been the location of a ton of movies and TV shows. When Hurley was golfing in Lost or when Lex, Tim and Dr. Grant were running from the Gallimimus in the original Jurassic Park, the Kong skeletons scene from Skull Island... that was all shot at Kualoa, a giant gorgeous amazingly beautiful reserve. I'm also told the Obamas frequent the event center.


    One of the locations in this huge natural wonder is a steep green hillside and the Radio Tower was down at the foot of that. They had rigged the whole area with gas pipes so they could pump out fire for a big lava sequence and they even dotted the landscape with those dino carcasses. From the tower location you could easily see for miles and they had a bunch dotting the landscape and like the Stego these aren't just bones, but fully detailed decomposing carcasses.

    The scene in the trailer where Chris Pratt is running down the hill yelling “RUN!” is from this location and it looks way more steep and treacherous in person than it does on camera, let me tell you.

    We saw very little actual filming, but our last stop of the day did take us to the active set.

    The scene is the finale of the big island escape and involved Justice Smith and Chris Pratt and a speeding truck racing down a dock, trying to make it to a boat being chased by lava and probably a dinosaur or two. I don't know about that last part, but it is a Jurassic movie, so if someone's running odds are there's a dinosaur involved somewhere.

    Instead of getting to watch the scene unfold we instead spent our time at this location interviewing many of the key players, including legendary producer Frank Marshall, Justice Smith and Chris Pratt. I've run all those interviews separately and will list them at the bottom of this article. I highly recommend you give them a read if you want to know more about the movie and hear some fun filming anecdotes.


    This was my first time meeting Pratt and he was every bit the joking, charming leading man type I expected from his film work. Of course within seconds of him entering our interview tent I bestowed upon him the gift of limited edition Doritos that had his face on them and to my delight he was super over the moon about it.

    There was a debate about whether or not he was going to “smash them” that night or hold on to them for posterity's sake and eat them in 20 years. That spurned a quick conversation about just how high you could get eating 20 year old movie tie-in Doritos and then we calmed down and had a nice chat about Jurassic stuff.

    Before we left we got a visit from Bryce Dallas Howard, who was in the tent next door to the one we were doing interviews in. We had interviewed her earlier in the day and since she knew she had two full blown geeks she asked us if we had any thoughts about her dad signing on to do the Han Solo movie. Of course we did and we listed off a few words of geek wisdom that she rapidly typed into the notes app on her phone and she said she was going to send them on to her dad. Whether or not she did and whether or not he took any of them to heart I have no idea, but it was a pretty cool moment nonetheless.


    And that ended the big trip. The next day I got back on a plane and went back to enjoy my vacation knowing that I had gotten to bond with a real life dinosaur. The SFX guys could explain all the servos and components that made Blue look alive all they want, but I'm pretty sure they just cloned a real life dinosaur. That's my story and I'm sticking with it!

    Thanks for following along on this crazy adventure. Hopefully you know a little bit more about this crazy new Jurassic movie. If not now you know about limited edition Doritos, so I guess it's a win either way.

    If you want to read full transcripts of the interviews with the main players then here you go:

    Director JA Bayona On Making Jurassic World Scary Again

    Producers Frank Marshall & Patrick Crowley Discuss The Goals Of This Huge Sequel

    Chris Pratt Talks About Jumping Through A T-Rex's Mouth

    Bryce Dallas Howard On Becoming A Dinosaur Rights Activist

  • May - Story Time

    1 month ago


    This month's playlist contains songs that stuck with me so strongly, and reverberated so heavily in my brain, that I either had to research their meaning, or create my own. They've caused me to buy multiple books, inspired more than a few stories/ideas, and continue to serve as a panacea for writer's block (at least for me). Fun fact, "White Man In Hammersmith Palais" was the inspiration for this entire playlist experiment. Enjoy!

    May - Story Time

  • JJ Abrams' crazy Stephen King-themed CASTLE ROCK gets a new trailer and release date!

    1 month ago


    I'm hoping by now a good many of you have gotten to know me a little bit. If I'm still a mystery wrapped in an enigma for you, I can boil my interests down to two Steves: Spielberg and King. I grew up obsessed with both men's work. Starting in 6th Grade I decided I was going to read every book Stephen King ever wrote. I started with Cujo and being the solitary nerd type throughout all my schooling I had plenty of time to read and by the time I was in high school I had read everything King wrote (even the stuff he wrote under his Richard Bachmann pseudonym). 

    I still pick up every book he puts out and that is one prolific motherfucker, so he keeps me busy. 

    So when it was announced that JJ Abrams was developing a Hulu show called Castle Rock I was already in. Castle Rock is one of King's famous fictional Maine towns and it serves as ground zero for a bunch of crazy shit. The show promised to bring all kinds of King references and characters together and now we've gotten a new trailer that really underlines that.

    One thing that's really interesting is that they're casting it with a few Stephen King movie alums, like IT's Bill Skarsgard and Chosen Jacobs and Carrie's Sissy Spacek. The other cast is top notch, too, including Lost's Terry O'Quinn, apparently playing the new warden at Shawshank Prison, Melanie Lynskey as a real estate agent (tough job in that town), Andre Holland and Evil Dead and Don't Breathe's Jane Levy round out the cast.

    The new trailer not only gives us a better glimpse at what kind of show we should expect it also drops the release date: July 25th. It can't come soon enough for this King nerd. 

  • Podcast set concepts

    1 month ago

    gus Elite Staff

    Earlier today I was walking around the art department with Matt and we were looking at old unused sets when I asked him, "Have we ever released the other booth concepts that we didn't go with in favor of the podcast set?"


    In late 2011/early 2012 we had an idea to create a 10'x20' booth that we could take to events and also use as a video podcast set when it was at the studio.  We commissioned an exhibits company to send us three concepts for this idea based on our needs.  The old podcast set is the one that we went with.  We used it at a few events in 2012 but due to the cost of shipping it we ended up converting it to be the podcast set full time and it never went back on the road again.

    Current day:

    Matt didn't think we had ever publicly shown the other concepts so I decided to dig through my email and I found the other ideas.

    Concept 1



    Concept 2


    Concept 3



    Since we liked concept 1 the most that is the only one we had re-designed to see how it worked as a podcast set:




    Like I said earlier, I don't think we ever shared any of these concepts so I figured some of you may find the process interesting.

  • Community Appreciation

    1 month ago


    Hey friends.

    Every now and then I get super reflective about life and all the things happening to and around me. Today (like most days) I feel an overwhelming sense of gratification for you guys, our community. 

    There are so many people who what we do - YouTube channels, community websites, social media platforms, etc. There are so many places to call home online, and for so many years, we've been able to grow this amazing family with you guys. 

    I just want you to know how much I -- and all of us -- appreciate you guys. You are kind, you give us constructive feedback, you support our shows and silly ideas, and give so much love to us, even though most of us have never met. I think about this every day of my life, and rarely express how I feel. I love you all, and am so thankful to have you guys as our community. We're the luckiest people in the world. 

  • Rooster Teeth in the UK

    1 month ago

    ericherry Eric Cherry

    Hi Everyone!

    Last week we made a huge announcement: Rooster Teeth is expanding through a newly established UK office. They've asked me to head up the project, and so I wanted to start by sharing with you how I fit into the Rooster Teeth Story and give you an overview of what our initial plans are.

    I've been working with Rooster Teeth as a business partner for just over ten years now. At that time there were about ten people at the company, and they had just wrapped production of RVB Season 5 from their office in downtown Austin. I wasn't there. My office was in Melbourne, and I was responsible for selling their DVDs to Australian retailers. After doing that for a couple of years I launched the company Hanabee, and alongside an incredible group of colleagues and the Roo Teeth community (shout out Caiti), we hosted RT guests at conventions, boat cruises, afterparties, animation workshops, pub crawls, press tours and three instances of RTX Sydney. Those ten years put me in a unique place, where on the one hand I've been around the culture and community for quite some time, yet only now I feel it's appropriate to introduce myself. It's nice to meet you all, finally :)

    Regarding our plans for the UK, I've compiled a list of four primary objectives I'm undertaking over the next 12 months which I'll share with you here:

    #1 - Build a roadmap for improving the online store for global customers

    Our goal is to get high-quality products to customers anywhere in the world as quickly and cheaply as we can. We know the product range, customer service and user experience in the UK is a problem, it's also far from perfect in Australia. Adding to the challenge is a world-class team in Austin that is turning out fantastic products, as evidenced by how fast they're selling out! So to figure out how to navigate these challenges, I'm working with the team to model up different logistical scenarios, weigh up our most realistic options and roll them out according to a timeline. It won't change overnight, but you'll start to see improvements over a relatively short period, and we will keep you updated as our plans progress.

    #2 - Provide increased support for the RT community

    By all accounts, the UK community is so passionate it's almost intimidating! With the insufficient support for the UK store, I can see how some members could feel overlooked, which is why I'm here. My first objective is to meet with members in person, learn about their passion, goals and activities - both big and small - and figure out ways to provide increased support to the UK community at national and regional levels. I will be attending most of the MCM events this year, which will take me around the country, and give me the opportunity to at least be in the same town as many of you. I look forward to connecting with as many of you fine folks as I can.

    #3 - Reach out to developers, producers, talent, publishers, distributors and sponsors and figure out ways to work together

    My goal here is to meet as many creative individuals and companies as possible that compliment the Rooster Teeth universe and seek out ways to collaborate. There's no limit; it's a never-ending process that has me travelling a fair bit, and it's a super fun part of the job.

    #4 - Work with the executive team in Austin to decide on the best path towards long-term development for Rooster Teeth abroad

    We have ideas on what we want to do long-term, and the rest of my time this year is spent researching and identifying pathways to make it happen. While we're not ready to announce many of the concepts we're throwing around, nor go on a hiring spree, I can assure you I'm working on all four of the above objectives concurrently with an eye towards exciting developments ahead.

    Just to summarise, It's truly humbling to introduce myself to you all today through this huge and wonderful megaphone called I look forward to keeping you across our plans as they come to light, and I'm super excited to meet many of you throughout the year, wherever you may be.

    - Eric