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  • Our New Community Manager

    2 weeks ago


    I'd like to introduce you all to our new Community Manager.

    This woman is someone who needs no introduction. But I'll give you one anyway because SHE'S WORTH IT!

    Welcome Jackie, AKA @kriss!

    Jackie has been part of the Rooster Teeth community since 2005, and has been one of the most involved, supportive, and inclusive community members we've ever met. She helped run RT Vegas, has been a lead Guardian at RTX for a number of years, and has continued to be active and enthusiastic when it comes to anything RT Community. Her passion comes through in everything she does, and we know that she, alongside @Chelsea, will make an unstoppable community team.

    With the new community site underway (more details soon), it' the perfect time for her to jump on board. We are so excited to have her on the team (finally!). The community is the lifeblood of Rooster Teeth, and we always want to make sure we're doing our best to support you guys.

    Now, please help me in giving a massively warm welcome to Jackie! <3 

  • MDB Animated Premieres Today!

    2 weeks ago


    Hey everyone!

    I’ve got like a whole five minutes here to get something out quick before I go and crash after one hell of an incredible weekend down in Florida for MegaCon. First of all, the pilot episode of MDB Animated just premiered today (and if you haven’t watched it, GO - check it out now!) and I can’t wait to hear what you think about it.

    You’ve watched Million Dollars, But… for years now, but we’ve come up to scenarios that are just impossible to act out with real humans without some serious bodily harm or mental scarring. That’s where the incredible 2D Animation team comes into play. With the help of the masterminds behind Nomad of Nowhere, Camp Camp, and RTAA, they’ve been able to take scenarios that we had no hope of ever creating to turn them into the animated feature you’ve seen today!

    So, that’s it for now. Check out the pilot and let us know what you think!

  • Good mo(u)rning -- Bird Death?

    3 weeks ago

    tndrloin Professional Cat Herder

    I'm a laaaate sleeper when I have the choice.

    Woke up at about 10am to Human beloved yelling "OH MY GOD. OH FUCK. FUCK! NO. NO!". Human was obviously in shock at what he was seeing, and I just thought, "what the fuuuuck is this all about?  Oh.. shit"

    Baldy Le Cat CAUGHT A BIRD in his mouf on our balcony. We live in a very quiet, docile neighborhood. Did he see that this would make him a badass on catmedia? He's never done this in his life. This behavior completely surprised me, but damn -- apparently, cat's gonna cat!

    It was a very tense 30 minutes while Baldy tried to get inside while the bird's neck was in his mouth. He didn't quite understand that we didn't really want to let him in with that bird in his mouth, he kept pawing at the screen door like "uhh, come on -- I got shit to do!". I contemplated wrestling the bird out, but that would've very likely made things worse for the poor lady/fella bird.

    All we could do was wait for Baldy to drop it. As soon as the bird was out, the chase was on. I took out a good tuft of Baldy's fur while trying to catch him and not let him get the bird back in his mouth (at least his name fits more-so now) and the bird hopped a bit on the balcony.

    We scurried Baldy inside, and did research on what to do. Is this poor bird going to die?!

    "Birdie" went to the dark back corner of the balcony.

    Things are grim. 

    I called the closest vet. They don't "do birds". I then called our property management to see if they had any suggestions. Unless the bird is dead, nothing they can do. If the bird IS dead, maintenance can come and handle. Found a vet hospital about 30 min away that takes care of birdies until 2pm.

    During this time, Birdie decided to chill out on the very edge of our balcony, where the iron trellis/barrier is. He stayed there for awhile. He looked okay. Was tilting his head around, scoping things out. We think he was in shock. Stayed there while Human beloved got a cardboard box ready and poked many, several holes in it, in preparation for trip to the bird hospital and put a cute small towel inside. We had a game plan ready. While starting to initiate the game plan, however, Birdie flew away.

    Human beloved went down to the courtyard to see if he could find it, while I scoped things out from above. Somebody was walking their dog below, and we warned them to keep a look out, in case dog was a hunter like Baldy. Maybe Birdie went to the tree right in front of us? Behind the bushes? Birdie was nowhere to be found. We think Birdie'll be okay!

    While I don't have pics of the traumatic incident, I do have a pic of a lizard spotted while looking for said Birdie.

    Can you find the lizard? What kind is it? I have no idea..


    (we will never be able to unsee what Baldy has done)

  • Lists are hard

    3 weeks ago


    It’s 2018 and I still hate the way Xbox delineates between game achievements and DLC achievements. Spoiler: it doesn’t. 

    PS Trophies have had Platinums for years, I wish they would just make their own version of that.

  • The History of Star Wars Fandom and How That Relates To Solo: A Star Wars Story

    3 weeks ago



    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away Star Wars fandom was united. It was generally accepted that A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and most of Return of the Jedi were good, the Ewok spin-off movies and the Holiday Special were bad and all was right in the world

    Sure, Ewoks were always divisive, but a lot of the Return of the Jedi hate that has become commonly accepted didn't seem to pop up until around the time the Special Editions were released. As someone who was there I don't remember anybody talking shit about the movie on the whole. Ewoks, absolutely, but most people loved how the Vader/Luke/Emperor storyline played out, thought the Jabba sequence was rad as hell and the Redwoods speeder chase the most thrilling thing since the original trench run.

    Then the Special Editions happened and that was a huge event. The movies were all #1 again at the box office, but all the early days CGI soured the experience a little and then became giant points of contention when George Lucas refused to let people own the actual versions they fell in love with to begin with.

    But we all still mostly agreed on Star Wars. At least on all the important things anyway. Some of us spun off to the Extended Universe books, some of us stuck with the movies as our canon, but we all basked in the same loving glow of this series we all adored.

    Then the dark days began. For me it was sitting in the Regal Metropolitan's biggest house after waiting in line for 2 weeks for The Phantom Menace. The opening crawl went by and the audience was going absolutely batshit. It was the first official, real-deal Star Wars anything in 16 years and it was finally here. Then the Neimoidians spoke. I'll always remember the line-reading. “Yes, of course. As you know our blockade is perfectly legal.” The emphasis was on all the wrong syllables and it sounded like a white guy playing a 1940s-era Asian stereotype.


    There was a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach and the whole temperature of the room changed like an invisible wet blanket smothered the audience's enthusiasm at the same time. That movie has high highs (Darth Maul, a cool lightsaber fight, the remarkably thrilling podrace sequence) and low lows (pretty much every line of dialogue stiltedly spoken, a convoluted, boring plot about trade embargoes and resource hording, and front to back bad acting from good actors), which left me in a daze when I exited the theater.

    Episode 1 couldn't be bad. It's Star Wars and no official Star Wars Saga movie had been bad before, so it must be me. I rewatched it a half dozen times that summer and every successive screening made me angrier and angrier at the stuff that didn't work.

    You may love the prequels, you may hate them or you may feel indifferent about them, but it's undeniable that they deeply fractured Star Wars fandom. I thought I had moved on from that franchise until The Clone Wars was able to retroactively improve the nonsense of the prequels. Suddenly Anakin was a multi-dimensional character and I actually bought him as a good guy worth saving. Suddenly the Clones had personality and were rich characters. Suddenly the Jedi weren't just boring dudes sitting in a circle debating about mundane bullshit. I still may not love the prequels, but The Clone Wars and, later, Rebels, helped me come to terms with them.

    Then the Disney era came and for a brief time fandom was reunited again. Maybe not as permanently or purely as they were in the good ol' days, but that level of excitement between when Episode 7 was announced and it premiering was the closest I've felt to pure unity since the lead up to Episode 1.

    Again, there were always minor squabbles and some cynicism, but on the whole the question of what this new Star Wars was going to be enraptured most of us. The guessing game and slow glimpses behind the scenes and wait for that first trailer... it all felt fun again.


    There's a reason The Force Awakens broke box office records and had huge legs. It was a fantastically fun movie with one foot planted firmly in nostalgia with the legacy characters and a rehash of A New Hope's basic structure and one foot taking a giant step forward, introducing us to a whole new cast of lead characters that somehow felt perfectly Star Warsian.

    Rey, Finn, Poe, BB-8, Kylo Ren... they all felt like part of this universe without being direct repeats of what came before, thanks in large part to the smart decision to mix and match Star Wars character tropes. There isn't a Han Solo type. Finn and Poe have elements of the charming scoundrel, but Poe also has Luke's almost naive optimism. Rey has Luke's pure-hearted earnestness as well as a dash of Han's roughness and Leia's get-shit-done attitude, for example.

    But even this very crowd-pleasing movie couldn't completely heal the fractured fanbase. The cracks started showing up again, this time with a heavily misogynistic flavor that puts a bad taste in my mouth. The same people who believed a young man intuitively strong with the Force but without any training whatsoever could use the Force to essentially dunk a basketball from outside the stadium said that it was unrealistic that a girl who had fought for her life since she was a child could swing a lightsaber.

    That's not to say everybody who dislikes the new characters or how they're executed are misogynists or racists. I want to be clear about that because saying something that definitive undercuts the discussion at large and automatically paints anybody who disagrees with me in the most negative light possible. I would never assume that's where you're starting from if you dislike the new Disney-era saga films. However it is fair to say that if you are racist and/or misogynist odds are you hate these new movies.


    Star Wars has always been progressive. The very first film is an allegory for Vietnam, which means the evil Empire is the American Military Industry, folks. They may dress like Nazis, but the Empire is a stand in for America and the evil Emperor was Nixon. Don't take my word for it, Lucas says it here.

    But a lot of fans were happy to keep all that as subtext and weren't comfortable when that progressiveness was put on full display in the new era.

    Yes, some prequel haters were dismissive of prequel apologists and that conversation was hardly ever cordial and very often heated, but there's a meanness to the fanbase now. Maybe, like the MAGA hat wearing bullies that have sprung up in the last two years, the mean Star Wars fan was always there and just afraid to go full bore until now, but it's happening.

    That all came to a head with The Last Jedi's release. One more time, in case you missed it, I'm not saying that if you disliked any aspect of Episode 8 you are automatically lumped in with the worst of the worst. It's totally fair to not want to see Star Wars evolve past the icons that you love and that's what that film was about. Remember them, use that memory to inspire the next generation, but it's not their time anymore. We see that on the light side with grumpy old man Luke's storyline and you see that on the dark side with Kylo Ren finally evolving past just trying to imitate Vader.

    That brings us to Solo. The reason I spent so so so much time outlining the history of Star Wars fandom is because I believe where you fit into the current Star Wars fandom will determine how you react to Solo.


    I think those that loved the direction The Last Jedi and, to a degree, The Force Awakens were going in will feel like Solo is a step backwards. Their interest will be muted because it's not a story about pushing the overall lore forward. It's a nostalgia bath that wants you to relax in the warm waters of characters and iconography most of us grew up with.

    There's no real attempt at gaining any deeper understanding of the characters you already know and love. They're so focused on just making them look and feel right that any deeper reason for this movie to exist within the established lore is thrown out the window.

    For me that was frustrating. We'd get little glimpses going in that direction. In particular there's a conversation between Han and Lando where they're getting to know each other and talk a bit about their parents. The way Lando talks about his awesome mother piqued my interest. It was the first time I felt like they were exploring something about that character I didn't already know, but it's dropped as soon as it is brought up.

    And that's fine. It's not what I want out of Star Wars at this point, but I'm sure it's what a lot of people do want. They just want a fun story told in an exciting way with the characters they loved. There's nothing wrong with that, but it's not all that interesting to me.

    But I'm the guy that never really got into the Extended Universe books either. I liked what I read just fine, but they just never felt like real Star Wars to me. They did for a whole lot of people, but I wasn't one of them, despite trying as hard as I could to be one.

    Solo is made for those people. It really does feel like a movie adaptation of an EU book that never was and for some that will be music to their ears.

    Whether you will think Solo is good, bad or mediocre will entirely depend on what you want out of Star Wars. My guess is that history will show it as an entertaining, but inconsequential addition to the overall lore, but only time will tell.

    On a technical level it's a solid movie. There are a couple really thrilling action sequences, one involving a train heist and one being a rather creative envisioning of the Kessel Run. These sequences are unquestionably well-executed. Towards the end they finally go for the character complexity I was hoping for with a band of pirates and smugglers, but at that point it felt like too little too late to me.

    The idea of doing a Han Solo on his pirate adventures story is pretty fun, but much like Rogue One I felt like they missed the target on integrating a famous cinematic genre into Star Wars. If they made Heat, but in Star Wars or even The French Connection, but in Star Wars, that would have been amazing, but we don't get nearly enough of the smuggler life or spend enough time in the gritty criminal underbelly of this universe. That stuff felt like a side note, kind of like how the Men On A Mission aspect of Rogue One was backgrounded pretty much until the final third and we never got to see those people actually work as a team until the big mission... when they're all separated anyway.


    Everything you've heard about Donald Glover's Lando is spot-on. He's got the charisma and chops to make me buy that he's Lando. Alden Ehrenreich is trying his damndest to pull off young Harrison Ford's swagger and he succeeds on some levels, but the fact that Glover seems to do it so effortlessly really shows how much Alden's struggling to find that pencil line thin balance between capturing a character's essence and just giving us an imitation.

    It made me wish this wasn't a story about Han Solo, to be honest. If Ehrenreich was playing a character in the Han Solo mold then I think he would have been freer to try different things and make it his own.

    I have some issues with where things leave off at the end, particularly when it comes to Solo himself. I kinda feel like it undercuts who he is at the beginning of A New Hope, but I'm not too much of a stickler about that because there is still a question about stuff that could happen between the end of Solo and the beginning of A New Hope.

    The score is pretty damn good, as to be expected. Some great themes return at the right moments and really help give those big scenes the Star Wars feel. John Powell does a fine job at keeping the non-John Williams cues feeling like Star Wars and not a pale imitation, which is a tall order.


    Ron Howard is a guy who knows how to put a film together. He has decades of experience telling him what angles work best for what scene, how to manipulate the edit and to keep the pace going, but there's not much of a director's voice on display. He does a solid job, no doubt, but I didn't feel like there was anything special going on, which is kind of my issue with the entire movie to be honest. Maybe if he had been able to build this one from the ground up instead of pinch-hitting when things went bad between Lucasfilm and Chris Miller and Phil Lord things could have been different, but that's not what we got here.

    At the press screening there was a bit of a technical difficulty. Right in the middle of the movie, just as the main heist was about to begin, the screen went dark, but the audio kept playing. This went on for about 60 seconds and then the projectionist stopped it and rewound the film. The problem was they rewound it almost a full reel, maybe 15 minutes.

    As I rewatched those 15 minutes I found I was bored, which doesn't bode well for my next actual re-watch. If that had happened during The Force Awakens or The Last Jedi or literally any original trilogy movie I wouldn't have felt that way, but I did here and that might be the most blisteringly critical thing I could say about the movie.

    It doesn't make you a bad person or a bad fan if all you want is to cuddle up to an old friend and bask in nostalgia for 2 hours and 15 minutes. If that's what you want then you'll get your money's worth here. If you want something a little deeper then you might find this journey into the Star Wars universe a little hollow.

  • Oh, But I Can

    3 weeks ago


    Not too long ago, my doctor told me I needed to stop running outside.  My spine isn't doing so hot and the impact is making everything worse.  So I arranged to get medical treatment and then started researching which elliptical to buy.  Because despite the expense, it's still a worthy investment toward my health.    

    I went to the store, bought it, and arranged for delivery on a Saturday.  And then I waited what felt like a really long time for Saturday to arrive.  Eventually I received my big cardboard box and as I unpacked the box that's bigger and heavier than I am, the first thing I notice in the instruction manual is a bit of text at the top saying assembly requires two people.  "We'll see about that," I think.

    This is a big piece of complicated and expensive machinery.  But as I was laying all the bits and pieces out on the floor, I realized that a lot of people would feel intimidated by this task.  Sure, one of the bolts fell into the plastic casing around the wheel and I couldn't see or hear it.  Did I give up?  Pfft.  No.  I did what I do best.  I out-stubborned the inanimate object.  I was observant and tenacious and I figured out where the bolt landed and how to knock it down.  

    I refused to be daunted by the task in front of me and I attribute that to my parents in a grand way.  They never shied away from teaching me the finer things in life.  Like how to use a treadle sewing machine and the value of a furniture dolly.  I grew up with a mom who used our workshop's radial arm saw as often as dad.  They were a team that did everything equally and I learned how to be pretty darn handy because of it.  So I assembled my lovely, complicated piece of machinery.  Even though the instructions might say I can't do it by myself, thanks to my parents, I know better.  

    P.S. The chaotic aftermath.

  • Current Crafty Project - Still Powered by Excel

    3 weeks ago

    Chelsea FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RT Community Manager

    Hola friends!

    Over the weekend I started something new. Something kinda bit, pretty, way too many colors, and will probably end up being the size of a parachute because I'm refusing to measure the size of my stitches. 

    I'm making a temperature afghan. (Here's a google image search of what other people have done)

    I saw it pop up on Pinterest MONTHS ago and was vaguely interested in it, but didn't really know how to start or what to do. Since then I've thought about it on and off again, until I realized I wanted to do it. And have it mean something special to me. So I'm going to share it here, because it's special to me and y'all are special to me and I want to share it. 

    There are three years that mean a lot to me right now. I'm take all three years and doing a side-by-side comparison of the three to see how the temperatures acted that year. 

    Year One: 1992, Austin, TX. I was born that year, and in that city - enough said. 

    Year Two: 2010, San Angelo, TX. That was the year I went to college and the town that I fell in love with for the four years I was out there. 

    Year Three: 2017, Pflugerville, TX. Last year was a big year for me. I bought a house, started dating Michael, lots of personal and professional growth. Good times. 

    So, how am I doing it? 

    Step 1: Decided what years and locations I wanted to use.

    Step 2: Went to the Farmer's Almanec website to look up weather history and began to create a spreadsheet using the Min, Max, and Mean temperatures. (Website: This is what it started to look like. I did this for January 1 through December 31. 


    Step 3: After ALL of the data had been entered, it was time to break out temperature ranges and assign colors to them. Since San Angelo had extreme colds and hots (desert temperatures, man) I wanted to make sure that the ranges broke up a bit to really show off those temperatures. This is what I settled on.


    Step 4: Then I went one step further, because I still hadn't decided if I wanted to do the blanket based on minimum, maximum, or the mean temperatures, and created conditional formatting connected to that temperature color chart I made in step 3. I made a lot of rules...


    Step 5: This is what January looks like with the conditions involved. Pretty, huh?


    Step 6: At this point, I could decide to go with either minimum/max/mean temperatures and just start on it. But I wanted it to look PRETTY, so I started copy and pasting specific sections to see how it looks. I eventually settled on a mix of things. Minimum temperatures for Jan/Feb/March, Mean temperatures for April/MayJune, Max temperatures for July/Aug/Sept, Mean temps again for Oct/November and Mins again for December. 

    This is what it now looks like with everything else hidden:Pyr1tXL.png

    Step 7: I went shopping. And bout a lot of yarn. I've done the first week of January for Austin 1992 and I'm SO EXCITED. 

    I also put together an estimation of what it'll look at finished. You can see that here (linked outside because it's HUGE).

    So, now that I've rambled on about my latest craft experience... what are you working on? Do you have a favorite crochet stitch? I'm using a single slip-stitch thing right now. What's been your favorite thing you've created, something related to a special point in your life?



  • This Week at ScrewAttack - 5/18/18

    4 weeks ago

    JoshuaKazemi @joshuakazemi

    The Desk of The Desk of DEATH BATTLE - The Death of Sonic Archie Comics - Editor Notes 

    • LIVE ACTION LISA! Jocelyn is alive! We're all super excited to bring that character to life. Lisa will be on DEATH BATTLE Cast today at 4pm. Check it out! 
    • Isn't her new set awesome?! 
    • From an editing stand point, I really thought of this video as a sequel to the "Knuckles Was A God" episode. By that I mean I borrowed a ton of comic panels and key frames from that video. 
    • I don't know Ken Penders but yikes. I think his actions speak for themselves. Wow. 
    • Did anyone out there read the Sonic Archie Comics as all of this craziness was happening? What was it like?

    Watch the video! 

    Top 10 Deadliest Pokemon - Editor Notes 

    • I love that Charizard sprite animation in the intro. That is all. 
    • If Machoke learned how to speak, I would have a VERY hard time treating him like an animal that people trap in balls and force to fight. He's already very human looking. 
    • If Muks are going extinct because of less pollution, are there activists for them? Sample sentence: "Muks are dying out, save Muks! Pollute more! POLLUTE!" 
    • That ditto face on The Thing. Terrifying right? 
    • If you want Nick to record the Pokedex for every Pokemon, tweet at him! 

    Watch the video!

  • Email for Commissions

    4 weeks ago

    Laurin Production Artist

    Hello!  I recently set up an email specifically for commissions and such.  My hope is that if anyone's interested then they'll simply reach out asking if I'm available (maybe even share a little of what they're considering for a commission), and I'll let them know!

    Email:  LaurinCrozierComms @ gmail . com

    I likely won't get to these as rapidly as I would when I'd open periodically on twitter; I'm trying to take things a little more slowly to be gentler on myself these days and reduce pressure.  So, with that in mind, if you reach out then I hope you don't feel discouraged if it takes a few days for me to respond.

    I'm hoping this can be maintained more like a steady flow in the background when I can get to things, rather than a burst batch.

    Thanks guys, and I hope to hear from you over time!  Wishing you all wellness and happiness :)

    - Laurin

  • Million Dollars WHAAAAT

    1 month ago

    BoringGeoff Stuff and/or Things!

    Good news, everyone!  

    We are super stoked to announce that Cryptozoic Entertainment is officially distributing Million Dollars, But... The Game into retail! For the first time ever, the game will be available at retailers worldwide, including hobby shops, Game Stop, and more. Look for it on store shelves this July.

    This is the start of a beautiful friendship with Cryptozoic, so keep your eye out for more exciting games from this partnership. In the meantime: tell your friends! Tell your neighbors! Tell your sweet baby kittens! Tell everyone you know to get their butts out there and pick up Million Dollars, But... The Game!

  • Achievement Haunter Pilot

    1 month ago

    Daniel Writer/Director

    Hello all!

    It’s finally here! The Achievement Hunter Crew has been talking about hunting monsters and ghosts for a while now so we’re all excited to share the pilot of Achievement Haunter with you. (Watch it here now!) If you don’t know about the show, @geoff challenges the AH crew to explore a haunted location and draw out the lingering paranormal spirits using fear as their tactic.

    There are many questions we try to answer in the show: Do ghosts exist? Who is the bravest member of Achievement Hunter? Who can make Gavin shit his pants first? All important questions! And we want to tackle more in a full season, but the only way that will happen is if you watch it! Love it! And leave comments! We want to hear feedback, favorite moments and what excites you about the show.

    I’ll go first.

    I’m excited because we try very hard to recreate the events of Yorktown Memorial in a unique and funny way. Combining horror and comedy is difficult, but I like playing in that sandbox. We hope you enjoy the cinematography as well as the jokes AH dreams up around the campfire. In addition, we want to push the boundaries beyond shows like Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures and MTV’s FEAR. Instead of following the rules, our ghost hunters are going to act like idiots, scare each other and actively try to antagonize the spirits--the opposite of what the professionals would do!

    We hope you all enjoy the episode and let us make more!

    Eternally skeptic,


  • Send Us Your Camp Camp Sing Alongs! (Plus a Schedule Update)

    1 month ago

    Jordan Campe Diem

    Hey there, campers!

    In case you've been living under a rock, we recently announced that Camp Camp season 3 is premiering May 25th! That's like, nine days from now! This season of Camp Camp is shaping up to be the most exciting and crazy season yet: Campbell's in jail, the counselors are struggling to keep the place afloat, and all the while the campers continue to wreak havoc at Camp Campbell. 

    And if you want to keep up with all the antics this season has to offer, listen up! This season, Camp Camp episodes will be free to the public on the Rooster Teeth site and mobile apps one week after they go up for FIRST members, same as last year. However, they will not be uploaded to YouTube right away. This is because we're really working hard to make our site and mobile apps the best place to watch RT shows and be part of the RT community. And now more than ever, with the craziness around other online video platforms, viewing Camp Camp on Rooster Teeth supports us more than ever before. If you'd like me to put it in simple words: IF YOU WANT CAMP CAMP TO SUCCEED, PLEASE WATCH IT ON ROOSTER TEETH. 

    Otherwise you're going to miss out on the awesome episodes we have in store, like the TWO

    22-minute long episodes in season 3! OH GOLLY.

    So that's pretty cool! And since we like doing cool things, and everyone in our community is cool, we're also putting together a MASSIVE Camp Camp sing-along video, and we need your submissions! All you need to do is record a video of you or a group of friends singing the Camp Camp Theme Song, and then submit it RIGHT HERE. All we ask is that you do not include any background music in your video. The deadline to submit is May 21st at 10am Central. After that, we'll release our giant collaboration for everyone to see! It's going to be awesome, so get those submissions in!

    Until then, keep looking forward to the premiere of Camp Camp season 3. See ya then, campers!

  • Background Playback now available on iOS and Android!

    1 month ago


    Hey everyone! Following swiftly on the announcement that Chromecast support is now available for iOS and Android, we have just pushed another update with this one including BACKGROUND PLAYBACK! Yes! You asked for it and you shall receive. This is a FIRST-only feature so you have to make sure that you're logged in to be able to enjoy this sweet new perk. (Not a FIRST member? Sign-up now and start your free trial!)

    So, make sure that your app is up-to-date, enable background play in the app settings, and go forth and start listening to all your favorite videos, series, and podcasts with ease.  

    Don't have the app yet so you can't enjoy these wicked new features? Go get it now, available on iOS in the Apple Store and Android in the Google Play Store! More things will be coming, so stick around to find out what's coming out next.

  • GORQ'S QUEST is here...but what is it??

    1 month ago

    toddwo32 Creative Producer

    Hey hey! 

    If you're following all this PILOT MONTH stuff, you might be wondering, "What the fudge is GORQ'S QUEST?" 

    The short answer is that it's a comedy game show featuring a crew of riffing RT'ers co-hosted by a rotating Rooster Teeth personality and an imprisoned supercomputer robot from 1983 who can only become free once he learns more. His name is GORQ, which is short for GENERATOR OF RANDOM QUESTIONS, and he's kind of hard to work with. That was probably more like the medium-long answer. 

    This show is something I started to put together a few months back. I wanted to make a show that was more comedy-based where there was lots of riffing. So we did some test shoots with some of the folks around here for a show called UNEDUCATED GUEST. Those test episodes were pretty good, but everyone on the crew really liked this one weird segment I wrote where we took a break from answering funny questions and had the cast chat with GORQ (who at the time was simply the word "GORQ" on a screen), who spoke to us from inside a computer. I thought everyone was going to hate that part, frankly, because it was more than a little weird.   

    Brian Behm, who is like a do-it-all creative at RT, was sort of watching from the sidelines and told me that if I wanted, he could build a robot body for GORQ and allow him to be a real thing that could interact with the others. He basically asked me, "Do you want a robot?" And if you know anything about me, you would know that I would never say no to that question. Who doesn't want a robot? So he made version one of GORQ the robot, and I came up with a backstory for GORQ, and GORQ'S QUEST was born. 

    I really hope you like the show. My goal was to create something new and maybe a little weird that's really fun to watch, and there's a freakin' robot in it! I can already see a million ways to make it more fun and funny, and I'm super excited to see what people in the RT community have to say about it. Please watch it with an open mind, and don't judge GORQ too harshly – he's had a hard life thus far. 

    Join GORQ'S QUEST on Tuesday May 15th at 11am CT, only on FIRST!   

  • YouTube History: Donald Glover's WILD Comedy Days

    1 month ago

    TPG Custom Programs


    YouTube is my jam.  I’ve worked with YouTube creators since 2012 and love sharing different YouTube creators with my friends and family. I’m now at the point where I have a full set of “OG” YouTubers that I go back to and watch their content and now there is no one more mind blowing than our boy Donald Glover, aka This is America, aka Mr Atlanta, aka Lando, aka Mr taking over the culture...

    Donald Glover is everywhere, everything, and all consuming. I can’t remember an artist in recent memory who seemingly has dominated TV (Atlanta), music (Childish Gambino), and movies (Lando, I mean Solo) all at one time. Some people would mention Justin Timberlake but he’s not making prestige TV shows like our boy Donald. It’s fantastic, good for him - but it’s also mind-blowing because he has A WILD YouTube history - that I’m pretty most people don’t know about. Note - I've talked to lots of employees and only @ebregman and Donnie knew about this content, which isn't surprising cause Evan is a internet Jedi and Donnie is one of the coolest dudes at RT (check out his band)!

    Glover was part of comedy sketch group called Derrick Comedy, which was made up of a bunch of folks but the heavy hitters were Glover, Dominic Dierkes, and D.C. Pierson. Their sketches ran the gamut from average to hilarious but it’s clear that Donald is the star (I think he got cast in Community off this). What is also clear is that Glover’s eye for ultra sharp social commentary, absurdism, and fearlessness shines through even in this early work. Let’s go ahead and check out some of the work and if you’ve never seen this before - buckle up, because this shit is pretty crazy.

    Bro Rape feels like something from a forgotten time, and not in a good way. Damn, what a different world 2006 was and I’m frankly surprised that a sketch like this is still on YouTube, let alone starring the Golden Boy himself. The message it sends about sexual violence, sexual preferences, and overall campus life is a little too far when viewed at in 2018 lense. However, perhaps that is what they were going for? I don’t think it was.

    I always just loved this concept: two DJ’s getting hunted by a wolf they unleashed through a magical text. Not that much social commentary here - just a good laugh.

    And here we are again, long before Donald was demonstrating America’s massive problems with race and culture in his now classic “This is America” video - he was learning how to crudely push the buttons here. Watching this video now, I’m struck how I still feel as uncomfortable as I did in 2006 when I first saw it, an emotion that I feel during part of the “This America Video.”

    There are lots more hilarious videos on the YouTube channel, I encourage you to check them out. There even are more in the archives on College Humor. They’re a fascinating public chronicle of Mr. Glover, someone who I think will be around blowing our minds for a very long time. That is unless he goes full Kanye - but I don’t think he’ll do it that, at least I hope he wont.

  • Funhaus' Drunk E3 2018!

    1 month ago


    We've just about made it to my own, personal Christmas in July! Yes, ladies, gentlemen, and gentlefolk of all kinds -- it's time for Funhaus' E3 Spec-DRUNK-ular 2018!

    Here's the schedule of conferences as of the time of writing. We'll be live for each conference on YouTube and Rooster Teeth with gaming and (probably) drunk arguments in between. All times PT!

    Saturday, June 9

    • Electronic Arts -- 11:00 AM

    Sunday, June 10

    • Microsoft -- 1:00 PM
    • Bethesda -- 6:30 PM 
    • Devolver Digital - 8:00 PM

    Monday, June 11

    • Square Enix -- 10:00 AM
    • Ubisoft -- 1:00 PM 
    • PC Gaming Show - 3:00 PM 
    • Sony -- 6:00 PM

    Tuesday, June 12

    • Nintendo -- 9:00 AM

    Next, the rules!


    Take a shot when…

    • There is any mention / appearance of Death Stranding OR Hideo Kojima
    • There is any mention / appearance of Shenmue III OR Yu Suzuki
    • There is any mention / appearance of Sonic the Hedgehog in any capacity
    • There is any mention / appearance of Cyberpunk 2077
    • There is any mention / appearance of any game from Valve Software
    • Bethesda Game Studios announces a port or a re-release of any game.
    • There is any mention / appearance of a Battle Royale game
    • There are technical difficulties of any kind
    • There is a single, over-enthusiastic yell from the crowd
    • Anyone is crying
    • You hear the word "diversity"
    • You hear the word "beloved"

    And, because some of us are getting pretty tired of slamming our bodies with literal poison, we're splitting into TEAM DRUNK and TEAM VAPE. And Lawrence Mode will make a return too, meaning I will do BOTH. God bless America.

    Plus, this year we have some tasty FIRST-Exclusive PERKS.

    First off, if you can't watch the streams, the entire Drunk E3-sperience will be uploaded for FIRST members to Fullhaus!

    Second, our stream will close out each day with our very professional, FIRST-Exclusive wrap up show! You know how every gaming channel does a segment where they sit around and talk about who won and lost E3? We decided we wanted to do that too. Except ours will be even MORE professional somehow. This will also be uploaded for FIRST members.

    So make sure to get your FIRST Membership all prepped and ready, since it's the only way you'll see every dumb drunk thing we do (and if you sign up, please use promo code "funhaus" so our bosses like us more).

    Any questions? Leave em in the comments below!

  • Broadcast, Pilot Month, Theater Mode and more!

    1 month ago

    Stab RT Broadcast Producer

    Hey Everyone,

    Just wanted to write a little update regarding things happening in here at Rooster Teeth regarding Broadcast, Pilot Month, Theater Mode and more!

    First things first, Pilot Month. Pilots are interesting here at RT. A television pilot is usually kept behind closed doors, analyzed, and shown to a testing group before making it anywhere to an audience. Here at RT, the community is our testing group. And the pilot is put out ahead of any official season to get your opinion. We want to hear your thoughts, because at the end of the day it's a show for you and the rest of the Rooster Teeth community. For Pilot month Broadcast has two new shows, very different from any other shows we have done in the past. They are Gorq's Quest and Murder Room (link). Both have been in the works here for a bit and they have grown progressively during their testing phase. I can't say much right now, but you can see Gorq's Quest on May 15th and Murder Room on May 31st. I think both will be a favorite among community members who enjoy the game-based shows. 

    Alright, now for some Theater Mode. I hope you've enjoyed the first season of Funhaus Theater Mode. It was awesome to work with Elyse and the rest of the Funhaus team on the season and I hope to do more of the show in the future. I personally have really enjoyed Funhaus' style for the show- going for something a little closer to the original MST3K style. 

    Recently we shot our first live episode of Theater Mode at the Alamo Draft House in South Austin. Thank you to everyone who came out to the event. This is a first for us. If it proves successful it can mean doing this type of production more often and possibly not just in Austin. You can expect the edited release during the next volume of Theater Mode. Now that I got you thinking about the next volume, let's talk about it for a second. We are working on acquiring new films for the next volume as well as testing a few new ideas- TM Live being one test. I don't have much to say beyond that, except for wait for the official announcement sometime soon. 

    The last thing I wanted to mention in this update is regarding changes in RT Broadcast's crew. You probably saw on this past Monday's episode of the RT Podcast that Eric Baudor from Mega 64 has joined our crew. Eric will be taking the position as our new Podcast Producer, working on RT Podcast, Always Open, and other emerging shows in our lineup. We welcome him to our rag-tag team of Broadcasters. 

    Lastly, you've probably noticed a new face on Fridays in the Broadcast pre-stream for Off Topic and Death Battle Cast. Dennis Fant is his name. He's a former Broadcast intern that had a particular talent for our graphics system and has been helping me by taking over a few weekly shows. Now I'm happy to say he'll be joining us as the permanent Live Graphics Operator for all our shows here at Broadcast. 

    As for me, I'll be working more behind the scenes as the Producer for Let's Play Productions in Broadcast. Basically anytime a Let's Play group is shooting in Broadcast, I'll be there to work on it one way or another. 

    That's all I have for now.
    See ya!


    1 month ago

    Clarissa.Gonzalez RT Live Events Specialis

    Hey RTX Austin friends!

    Earlier this year we asked the amazing Rooster Teeth community to submit panel ideas and artwork to be included in our Community Panel and Corner. So many amazing submissions were sent in that it was nearly impossible to choose. Our team of judges has finally narrowed it down, and we’ve got that list to share with you today!

    Community Panels

    * May not reflect the finalized title

    Community Corner

     * Make sure to check them out in the Exhibit Hall

    Expect more information about the Community panels and Community corner as we get closer to RTX!



  • Rooster Teeth Creative Community

    1 month ago


    Aloha y'all.

    My name is Tony Simonetta. I'm a huge Disney Parks fan, tiki enthusiast, and I hate cooked fruit. I'm also Rooster Teeth's Lead Merchandise Designer, which means I get to work with our talented team of in-house artists to create our full portfolio of merch designs for the Rooster Teeth Store.

    I'm very excited to announce Community Creative, our new initiative to feature products designed by members of the Rooster Teeth Community and shine a light on the amazing artists behind the work. Starting this Friday with our latest Achievement Hunter merch drop, when you see the Community Creative logo it will signify that one of your fellow community members are responsible for the artwork on that piece. They have put blood, sweat, and tears into creating artwork for your favorite Rooster Teeth and Let's Play shows. And Funhaus.


    But it's not  just a fancy new logo! We'll also be featuring our Community Creatives on journals and Rooster Teeth social throughout the year so you can get to know the artists better. Plus, the Rooster Teeth Store will have a special collection page with all of our Community Creative merch so you can easily collect them all.

    Here's a peek at one of the shirts dropping this Friday from Community Creative and Achievement Hunter fan, Sami Jen! (@sami_jen on Twitter)


    Check out Sami Jen's Art here:

    I can't wait to show the Rooster Teeth Community the awesome merch we've got coming, so stay tuned. Finally, a huge Thank You goes out to all our previous Community Creatives for the amazing work they’ve done on the dozens of designs we’ve featured on the Rooster Teeth Store. We can’t wait to work with you again!


    Tony Simonetta

  • im new hi

    1 month ago


    hey did you watch the end of Rooster Teeth Podcast 491? I'm the guy at the end of that. 

    My name is Eric Baudour. I'm from San Diego. I'm the new podcast producer for Rooster Teeth. Rooster Teeth taking a chance on me working on this stuff is real nice of them. The broadcast department over here has been great and I think it's only going to get better. I'll be making sure the ship runs smooth. I'll be helping out on Always Open as well and I'm already sifting through your Box of Issues questions. We'll get to as many as we can, I promise.

    I come from Mega64 and Razer. I'll still pop over to Mega64 from time to time when I'm back home, or for Mega64 Gamedays tickets on sale now. Those are real good friends who are doing real good stuff you should check out right now. Stop reading this and check them out then come back and read the rest of this. Okay you're back. I helped produce the Mega64 Podcast for years and I was on the content production team/the head of broadcast over at Razer. Check them out if you need mice or keyboards or laptops or headphones or a mouse mat that is also a charging pad for a wireless mouse. They're a publicly traded company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Did you know that? Crazy.

    Hopefully you guys are okay with all of this. Your favorite shows will keep being as good as they are, if not better. That'd be something, right? We got Geoff on this last one. That's something. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  Podcast 500 is coming up too. What do you want to see from that?

    I appreciate everyone who is nice and smart and cool and funny and being nice.

    Thank you,



  • Welcome Eric Baudour to Broadcast!

    1 month ago


    After almost five years of helping Gus produce the RT Podcast, I'm passing the baton to Eric Baudour.  Some of you may recognize Eric from Mega64 where he helped produce their podcast for eight years.  What you may not know is that Eric was also the director of broadcast for Razer for the last four years.  He comes to Rooster Teeth with an awesome amount of broadcast experience and I'm thrilled at the possibilities with him on our team.  As podcast producer, Eric will be not only work with RTP but all of our talk shows, like Always Open.  I'll continue as head of RT Broadcast, working with our new creative team, including Eric, Todd Womack and all of our broadcast producers to develop new shows for you.  And I'll still be around for the podcast so you'll still hear my voice every now and then.  :)

    Please welcome Eric and show him what it is to be a part of our incredible community!

  • Branded Pilot Journal

    1 month ago


    Party peoples,

    It’s been a minute. I miss all your pretty faces.

    I’m super excited to share with you the debut of our Branded pilot (haven't seen it? Go check it out now!) It is a workplace comedy that revolves around a handful of dishonest idiots who work at a small digital ad agency, producing the worst viral videos you’ve ever seen. It’s very much inspired by the people and projects I interacted with during the three years I spent in LA working on “branded content” (which is industry speak for the YouTube commercials you desperately try to skip after five obnoxious seconds).

    We’ve been working hard on this for a few months and I know you guys are gonna love it. In addition to the friendly faces of @burnie, @Joel, and @micaburton, the show stars some of the most talented, funny, and professional actors I’ve ever worked with, hands down. Mike Capes from the hysterical Hacks of Life. Ted Meredith. Christina Parrish. Byron Brown. Jonah Yohana. Liz Tabish. All of them brought something incredible to the characters that really elevated the show. If you haven’t seen their work before, you’re in for a treat.

    We wanted the show to feel like Mike Judge tackled the world of Mad Men, but set during the digital age. Some of my favorite comedies are Silicon Valley, Always Sunny, and Fresh Meat. We took those inspirations and combined them with a loose, fast-paced approach similar to Brooklyn 99 or Curb Your Enthusiasm. And that’s how Branded was born.

    Check it out and let us know what you think!


  • Money money money monnnneyy MONNNEY *Japan Entry #3*

    1 month ago

    ChrisKO Might steal your tacos


    So, this post will be about dat money. I'm going to try and keep this one a bit more concise, but we'll see how that goes. 


    • JPY
    • ATMs
    • Withdrawing cash before you go
    • Tipping
    • Credit Cards

    JPY or Japanese Yen!

    So, as you may have gathered, JPY is the stock term for Japanese Yen. Currently, it values at roughly 0.0092 compared to the .01 in USD. 

    In short, $1 = ¥109.

    JPY comes in all shapes and sizes. Even the valuable bits can be in coin format. I won't get super exhaustive on this one, though. Just keep in mind that at any given moment, you can have a ¥100 or ¥500 in your pocket (which equates to roughly $1 and $4.50, respectively). Most vending machines will accept ¥10s and up.

    Here's an image of what the money looks like.

    One thing to note: when you return to the US, banks will not accept your coins for exchange. So be sure to spend them all or exchange them at the airport in Japan before you depart. We meta-gamed the hell out of this, trying to spend all of our coin before we returned. 


    You'll likely be within proximity of a Family Mart, Lawsons, or 7-11 at any given time. Any of these will more than likely have an ATM for you to withdraw some cash from. Just keep in mind, some banks charge more for foreign transaction fees in this realm. I got hit with a roughly $15 fee with Bank of America, whereas Jamm (who has RBFCU) didn't see even a blip on her bank statement. So, make sure to read up on if your bank has fees in this realm. 

    This leads me into my next section!

    Consider Withdrawing Cash Before You Go

    This was hugely beneficial to me, since Bank of America will do this for free if you withdraw more than $1k. Otherwise, there's about a $7-8 fee for shipping.

    In short: Look into if your bank has a foreign currency exchange and go from there. Try to avoid doing this at your local airport, since the fees/exchange rates there are a bit bogus, IMO. 


    Don't do it. 

    Credit Cards

    You'll find that some places accept credit cards, however not all CCs are usually accepted out there. My American Express was useful in a few circumstances, but I highly recommend sticking to cash for this trip if you can help it. If you do end up using a card, you might want to do a bit more research on if your card has any presence out there and if so, make sure to notify your CC company. The last thing you want is for them to lock you out of your account while you're overseas. 

    Alright! This was kind of a boring one. Hopefully it was somewhat useful, though. The next one will be about transit! Grab some popcorn and hold onto your butts. That's going to be a long one. 

    Until next time. 


  • Captain Marvel Enlists Annette Bening!

    1 month ago


    You know, I love it when the MCU lands big, serious actors. I mean, superhero movies on the whole don't have a problem hiring all sorts of actors, from A-list to Oscar types, like Viola Davis and Will Smith in Suicide Squad or Benedict Cumberbatch for Dr. Strange or Jeff Bridges in Iron Man, but occasionally there's a bit of old school casting that makes me sit up and take notice.

    Gary Shandling in Iron Man 2 was the first one. I just never pictured a world in which Larry Sanders himself would be on screen with Tony Stark. Kurt Russell in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was another happy surprise.

    The biggest get up to this point was Robert Redford in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Him being the big bad guy of that film helped Winter Soldier set a new tone for the MCU. It's still got goofy comic book shit in it (the whole Zola/Talking Computer sequence for instance), but there's a degree of legitimacy that comes with someone like Redford.

    It seems like Captain Marvel is going in that same direction, at least in terms of casting. The Hollywood Reporter has a story saying that Annette Bening was cast in a secretive role that is most likely a scientist of some sort. 


    Bening doesn't do a lot of giant budget movies and when she does they tend to be weird. Mars Attacks jumps to mind. Her big films all seem to be awards stuff, like American Beauty. She usually stays in the more serious adult drama world so when she signs up for something like Captain Marvel that tells me she believes in the story being told and/or really wants some of that sweet, sweet comic book movie money.

    Either way it's an exciting development for MCU fans. 

  • Why Nintendo's Online and Classic Games Service are a GOOD THING!

    1 month ago


    Yesterday Nintendo announced more about their plans for the Switch's online service and offerings.  So let's break it down a bit and I'll explain why, in the long run, this will be a smart choice by Nintendo.

    At this point in the console market you have to pay to play online, no matter the console.  Playstation 4, Xbox One, and now Switch all force players to pay a monthly (or quarterly/yearly) to connect to their friends.  We knew from the outset that Nintendo was planning on changing from the "Free Online" to a service right at the start, but they will continue to offer free online until the subscription service goes live.

    All in all, a pretty good deal all around.  Nintendo gets to constantly test it's online offerings with first and third party titles until they're confident they are offering a service worth paying for; while players get to enjoy those months of testing for free.  Sort of like a "beta" in a way.

    While I'll admit, the Switch's online service is bare bones and is full of issues, this is truly their first dive into something like this.  Yes they've had online services before, but it was pretty much "per game" and not a whole network.  And, before anyone says it, yes the "chat with friends" feature is pretty garbage and should absolutely be changed.

    So what is Nintendo offering, and why is it "good"?

    A paid for online service means money to make the platform better.  Yes that means that you'll have to pay to play online with the games you've been playing for no more Mario Kart, Splatoon 2, or ARMS online unless you fork over some cash.  But that cash means the online service will become "profitable", and if the service goes down you'll have a better reason to complain.  Think the early days of Xbox Live, they were rough, but now it's easily one of the best services as far as stability is concerned and that didn't just happen overnight.  The act of paying for it will also make Nintendo more accountable for service delays and down times.

    You'll finally have "Save Data Cloud Backup", and honestly I know a lot of people who live and die by their backup saves.  I've never been a stickler for this, as I've only had very few instances of my saves getting deleted or my console being "beyond repair", but you really never can know when something will just stop working.  So having the ability to finally back up saves, -then- send your Switch to Nintendo for repairs, and being able to restore your Switch back to how it was is something absolutely needed in this day and age.  Yes, you have to pay for it, but you have to pay for cloud backups on PSN and XBL as well, so no big shock.  Again, would be great if they had a way to do offline backups, but we're talking specifically about the online services here and not what firmware updates Nintendo should do.

    This one is the only real point of contention for me...the "Nintendo Switch Online App".  It's rubbish.  Everyone knows it's rubbish.  "Want to talk to your friends online while you play?  Get this convoluted app!  Then plug a horrible mess of wires everywhere and you're ready to go!  Just pray your phone battery doesn't die in the middle of your gaming session!"  It's silly, out dated, and I can't honestly see Nintendo keeping this around for the duration of the Switch's life.  But, as I mentioned before, with the service becoming a "paid for" thing, outcrys from unhappy customers will easily sway Nintendo to change this if it starts dipping into profits.

    "Special Offers"!  One of the major problems I have with the Switch's online store right now is the fact that there arn't many sales.  It seems, and this is such a simple thing, that when the online service launches folks who opt into it will be given discounts much like PSN and XBL.  I can't tell you how many times I've picked up new games just because they dropped an addition 20%.  More games at a cheaper price just because you're subscribed to a service?  It's one of my favorite things about XBL and PSN so I'm happy it's coming to Switch.

    Finally, the big one.  Nintendo is turning classic games into something akin to "Xbox Game Pass".  Now, lots of people are upset with the small amount of 20 NES games at launch, but there's some reasoning to this.  These 20 games arn't just the same Virtual Console versions re-released.  You'll be able to play games like Super Mario Bros 3, Ice Climber, Baloon Fight, etc ONLINE with your friends.  Sure, it's not that big of a deal, but think about how this will change in the future.  What happens when we finally get SNES, N64, and potentially Game Cube titles on the platform?  If the concept is to bring "online play" to previously couch co-op only titles that means we could see Smash Bros, Melee, Pokemon Stadium, etc see the same functionality.  Not to mention, these games offered through the service come at no extra cost, unlike Game Pass.

    So what's everyone upset about?  Well Nintendo mentioned that "Virtual Console" is going away.  But that's not really the case.  The branding and such of Virtual Console will be gone, but I suspect that any game that doesn't get the "NOW WITH ONLINE PLAY" functionality added will be simply re-released on the eShop, much like how we're seeing the "ACA NEOGEO" games hit the platform.

    The wrap it up, Nintendo is taking a big step forward in providing a solid online gaming service complete with Netflix like game offerings that will rotate out every so often.  Will it have some major bumps along the way?  Absolutely!  But so did PSN and XBL, and by thoroughly testing, communicating with the players, and of course "more time spent actually developing it", we can expect Nintendo to develop it into something we'll all be 'pretty happy' with.  Because...let's be honest, we're never truly satisfied.

    BONUS ROUND!  Switch's online service is $20 per year (with the NESFlix like service added free), compare that to Xbox Live at $60 per year + $10 per month for Game Pass and PSN at $60 per year and PS Now at $20 per month...Nintendo's is a bargain, even with the (currently) smaller offerings.

    What are your thoughts on Nintendo's online service?  Will you be getting it or just waiting until the platform becomes more viable?  Is there something Nintendo should change about it before launch?  And while we're at it, what HARDWARE and FIRMWARE updates would you like to see happen that could make the online service even better?