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  • Post Graduation!

    1 day ago


    Its crazy that I spent four years in college already! I honestly still feel like I still have an assignment to do or something to study for. Well technically I do but thats something entirely different. I am happy don't get me wrong. I will finally be able to attend RTX for the first time. I wish I could afford to the VIP one but beggars can't be choosers. Though I have figured out what I'll do until I really know what to do. I'm going to go to RTX, then I'll come home rest and then go back to Japan. I miss that place so much. Plus I'll finally be able to catch Farfetch'd!

  • Got run over.

    11 hours ago


    That's what happens when drivers don't look both ways before pulling out into the road. I was riding the sidewalk on my bike and I guess he was only looking towards oncoming traffic to see when a gap was coming up so he could pull into the street, and didn't look to the right to see me coming up from that way, so he accelerated into me. Stopped really quick so I technically didn't get run OVER, but it was still a hit. Doesn't look like I took much damage; my left leg got lightly skinned in two very small spots (my jeans didn't get damaged) which is nothing to worry about, and my right upper arm has some pretty nasty-looking bruising from when my handlebar hit and slid along it on my way down, but the skin didn't break. My jacket got ripped there, too, but I don't really care about that. So I'm fine as far as I can tell. But my bike's front wheel was bent to hell, and the back wheel had a slight bend put into it, too. I think the back one can be fixed by adjusting the spokes a bit, but the front's a goner.

    Thankfully, the guy seems like a good person, and offered to pay for any damages. Put my bike in his trunk and gave me a lift to the shop I bought it at, but they weren't going to open for another hour. So he took me home and we exchanged numbers, and I left my wheels with him while I took my frame for the time being. He said he'll take them in as soon as the shop opens and if he can get the wheels fixed/replaced right away, he'll bring them over that'll be the end of that. Not gonna make him pay for the jacket, I can just sew it up for now. Hell, I needed to buy a new one anyway since it already had some rips. As of this writing, the place'll open in about five minutes, so I should hear from him before too long. I'll probably update the journal later.

    EDIT: He just called, said the shop says they're swamped today. They'll try to put a rush on it but worst case they won't be done until tomorrow. Said I'll be getting a new rim for the front wheel and they can fix the back one, as I expected. He even offered to be my transport today if I needed to go out, but I don't. I'll be staying home and trying to adjust my sleep cycle, which is gonna make me too tired to move for the most part. Plus my limbs are really stiff right now anyway.

    So, yeah. Looks like everything's gonna be all right.

  • My band directors

    1 day ago


    Mr Whitley in high school and Mr Mensch in college.  

    It's special, to me, that Mr Whitley is retiring (well deserved) and really awesome that Mr Mensch is taking over his position as head band director at my old high school.  

    It's seriously the coolest thing in the world.  

  • Life...

    1 day ago


    It really likes to place bets on me, throw shit at me, then see how long I'll last as I bottle it up, try to resolve it myself, then end up crying somewhere hidden from others....

  • #Fit4RTX 2017 Week 20 - Starting to cut again!

    2 days ago

    Tropes I Am What I Am


    So today is the first day of my cut. I'm in a range of 1,800-2,000 calories and I'm still dialing in my macros, but I know from experience that I'll want to keep my protein and fats high with pretty low carbs. That, plus my training regimen, will hopefully mean I lose weight that is primarily fat. I plan on taking my stats tomorrow when I've sweat out all my final non-cutting weekend's whiskey and pizza. Yes, I decided to be a naughty boy this weekend. Oh well.

    I'm excited though, since six weeks from now is about when I finish, with a short period to re-acclimate to carbs so I don't bloat up as soon as I land in Texas, then it's off to the vacation races!

  • Yesterday

    20 hours ago


    Yesterday I was just numb and operating more or less on autopilot.  Today the tears just won't stop.  It's just like 9/11 except this time it happened on my doorstep.  Everywhere I look all I see is the face of that little girl who was butchered by a stranger for no reason.  

    There's too much hate in the world. I don't know how many people (if anybody) reads this, but if you're reading this, just remember that I love you, even if we've never met or talked.  The only weapon we can yield against hate is love.  

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