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  • Hello World

    1 day ago


    Been a long time, but im still alive and kicking ^_^

  • Update for the Week of 9/24/17

    6 hours ago

    GRatFinn RTNY Guardian

    Meetups and Events

    We just went paintballing last Saturday and everyone seemed to have a great time, if you interested in going again soon let us know.

    NY Ren Faire 9/30

    This weekend a few people are going to the NY Ren Farie in Tuxedo Park. For more details checkout the Event Page or contact Tony @FireWolf88.

    Day 5 Season 1 Watch Party 9/30

    Also this weekend we'll be having a Day 5 watch party on rabb.it and in our Discord server. We'll start around 1pm so we should finish around 6pm, you are welcome to join at anytime and if all goes well we may do season 2 next month.


    NYCC After Party 10/7

    We're having our NYCC After Party on Saturday October 7th at 8pm at the Blarney Stone again. This event will be ticketed and tickets will cost $11, we expect tickets to sell out before the party so if you're planning to come you may want to get your ticket soon rather than later. For all the info and ticket sales check out the event page. rtnynycc.eventbrite.com

    RWBY Volume 5 Premiere 10/12

    Through Fathom Events the RWBY Volume 5 premiere is being shown at many theaters around the country along with some exclusive behind the scenes footage. Head over to Fathom Events to find a theater near you. Also if your interested in meeting up with some fellow community members, we recommend you setup an event page for your theater to easily have a list of who is going to what theater.

    Here are a few theaters with events already setup:

    Farmingdale NY

    Union Square NY


    ExtraLife 2017

    The ExtraLife stream is rapidly approaching November 4th. Unfortunately its not really possible to get a single location that everyone can easily get to and fit into. So we're hoping to setup multiple streaming locations all around. If you have a location available and are interested in hosting please let us know by filling out this form https://goo.gl/forms/jZjbcw02zMDajkoi2 Please do this sooner rather than later as this will take time to coordinate. And if you'd like to attend one of our ExtraLife stream head over to our discord channel and check out the announcements channel for specific details

    Game Nights

    Destiny 2 Raid Night 9/26 8pm

    With everyone still on the Destiny hype train, we'll be raiding again Tuesday night. We should be able to get multiple groups going. Post your gamertag/PSN in the comments.


    Minecraft Crossplay 9/27 8pm (XBox, Windows 10, Mobile)

    Last week Minecraft Crossplay went live. Enabling Xbox, Windows 10 and Mobile to all play together, Switch support coming soon. We've also setup an RTNY Realm which we'll be playing on, to get access to the Realm post your gamertag in the comments or message GRat Finn on XBL. If you don't own the Windows 10 version but own the PC/Java version you can download the Windows 10 version for free.


    MVP Game Night (Greg, @verd) 9/28 8pm

    Since Greg is this months MVP he gets to choose a game for game night and he has chosen The Division. So this Thursday we'll be playing some of The Division. Add Thermicwhisper on XBL and come by the Stream and get to know Greg.


    If you know someone in the community who go above and beyond in their contribution to make RTNY an amazing place let us know. For all the details head over to the forum thread and if you know someone who you think fits this description please nominate them.


    Twitch Channel  | Youtube Channel | Mixer Page

    RTNY Discord Server

    Gamertag/Usernames Thread 

    XBox Club Page


  • Lets Play Reunion

    7 hours ago


    This is an amazing stream. Just people having a blast together. I didnt know watching grown men play Marco Polo for almost 15 min (at the time writing this) can be so entertaining!!  matt

  • So emojis are a thing now, but...

    1 day ago


    Where the fuck is my Danny Dorito? michael-32.png 

  • It's Crazy to Believe

    2 days ago


    It's been:

    Almost 11 years since this profile has been active

    Almost 12 years since I created my first profile(which is dead and lost to history)

    Almost 13 years since i've found RvB

    I think I can officially say I'm an old fart at this point

  • Buried Gamer | Shadow of the Colossus Episode #10

    12 hours ago

    LOWlifeSpIdEr FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold LPC - GwPS+

    Whoa.  Sandworms.  You hate 'em, right?  I hate 'em myself.

  • Seeding

    1 day ago

    DodongoDuster Maethori

    Hi everyone, your local neighborhood stoner here. Well, the seeds came in yesterday, so I got them planted this afternoon. I ordered some Blueberry Autoflower seeds from an online seedbank, about 70 bucks for 5, and they came in 12 business days. I immediately soaked them for 24 hours, then got the peat pellets ready.


    I placed the pellets in a tin of water to let them expand. You can see the dry rounds above the tin in the pic above, and the expanded pellets in the pan. I then took the seeds, and using a small drill bit pushed one seed into each, about 1/4" to 1/2" deep, covering each with a little sod. 


    I drained the tray and placed them all under a compact fluorescent light. They will need 24 hour light for the next  couple weeks, at which point I will transplant and move them outdoors, onto th porch since the greenhouse isn't built yet.

    So, I cut down the smallest of the current crop, I need a couple days worth of smoke at the end of the month, and it is currently hanging in a dry dark room. I'll let you know in a week or so how it smokes. Later everyone, keep tokin.


  • Hot Gamer Girl

    1 day ago


    Finally Joined :D 

    Excited for the Reunion !

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