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  • The Making of "Better Than You"

    23 hours ago

    Miles Miles

    Howdy Campers!

    I hope you guys have all been enjoying the new season of Camp Camp! It's been an absolute blast getting to work on this show with Jordan, Kerry, and Gray and I'm SO happy it's back.

    One of the things I wanted to do this season was write a new song, as I had a ton of fun writing "The Camp Camp Song Song" which plays at the start of every episode. I've always been really interested in music. In school I played violin, saxophone, and guitar... and I was terrible at all of them. HOWEVER, I've really developed a love for working with musicians on the shows we make (like Nico and David for RvB). The only problem is... I can't read or write music.

    Throughout the production of the Chorus Trilogy, I would often call Nico and have to sing melodies to him and describe the kind of instrumentation I was hearing in my head because I simply didn't speak the language. It sounded just as silly as you'd expect, but it got the job done, so I did something similar for David and Daniel's song "Better Than You"!

    It started with dozens of voice memos saved to my phone of me just humming different melodies, adding to them, and then eventually settling on one that I liked! After that, I moved onto the lyrics. Turns out writing lyrics for songs is INCREDIBLY fun. It's this cool word puzzle where you have to not only make sure the words rhyme, but that they all have the right number of syllables AND are hopefully funny/clever/cute/etc. I got my first taste of it on the RvB Musical from Season 14, then again with Camp Camp, but THIS time I wanted to flex my teeny, tiny music muscles and take on a duet!

    The song was originally titled "When Daniel Went Down to Camp Camp" (but I changed it as it was a little too on-the-nose), and these are the lyrics:




    I wrote David's verse first, Daniel's second, then had to write their simultaneous parts for the finale and figure out how to harmonize with myself. It took a LOT of voice memos, but I finally figured it out, practiced it, and walked into our sound booth one day and asked our mixer Alena for a favor.

    This was the end result.

    The children are horrifying. I know.

    We sent that off to Camp Camp's composer, Benjamin Zecker, and HE. MADE. THAT. SHIT. DOPE. Re-recording the song with ACTUAL music to listen to made the whole experience way more fun, and he made a slight suggestion to change the melody that actually works a lot better with all of his supporting instruments, BECAUSE HE'S A MOTHERFUCKING BOSS.

    After that, Daniel was cast! You might know Evan Gregory from the musical group The Gregory Brothers. Not only was he a great voice actor for our creepy cult leader, but the son of a bitch can SING. Like Benjamin, Evan added his own ideas to some of his lines that really helped elevate the entire song and we were super grateful to have him come on board for the role.

    Soooo YEAH! Thanks to the amazing work of Ben and Evan, our sound team, our animators, our producer, our director, and plenty of other incredible folks, we were able to take a silly little recording of myself and turn it into something awesome!

    Here's to hoping we can do it again sometime...

  • Hmm...

    1 day ago

    Newbs Uncle Slam

    I just realized that if I were a regular user and only used this website and relied on it for information regarding RTX, I would know nothing.

    There have been no notifications regarding the convention. All the information that has been released is via different staff member's personal journals. In years past these would be promoted to the front page of the website, but I've been keeping track of this and I haven't seen anything. If I missed any...that's on me but as I scroll down through the front page...all I see is promotions on various show productions.


    If I'm following certain people on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.... I get daily reminders from the RTX Event account and others that are helping run this convention.

    Hell, today they just announced that there is a live Theater Mode happening. How did I know this? Only because I follow the RTXEvent twitter account. I've been looking around and I can't seem to find it anywhere on the website AT ALL.

    They constantly state that they want people to use this site and preach whenever another social media site has a drastic change in terms and services (YouTube's Ad-pocalypse very recently) that having their own corner of the internet does wonders for your community. But...if you don't nurture that community in that specific corner...it starts getting moldy real fast.

  • Deployment Blues.

    2 days ago

    Kaoru27Umi Princess of Mars

    My wonderful boyfriend is in the Air Force and he's away for 3 months now.

    Not anywhere dangerous, only Kansas.

    Unless tornadoes are dangerous.

    Wait they are.

    Fuck Kansas.

    So I've got the blues a little. 


    But thankfully technology is wonderful in this day and age and I can see his face whenever I want. 

    I've done this new song: Nova Moon

    Kinda like looking up at the moon and remembering we're under the same sky....

    -Insert all the mushy feels here-

    I'll be going out to Kansas sometime. 

    Oh the exotic places I go!

    But, you know, I've never had this sort of feeling before.

    Missing someone like this.

    Ah... I'm a melting pile of sap and mush and feels.

    Anyone wanna send me nice joyous funny gifs?

  • RTX news!

    1 day ago

    SailorTweek FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RTX Head Guardian

     towerAdditional signings added!

    Check out the latest post by @Bethany

    All questions, comments, concerns you might have about the additional signings can be commented to her post

     towerUpdated RTX Schedule!

    New updated schedule shows the times & panels for the Animation Fest!

    (Looks like it's not updated on RTXAustin.com yet, but the following link is to the Twitter announcement. Will edit this post when updated!)

    New Schedule located here

     towerRTX mobile app

    The RTX app is being updated for this year. No release date yet, but keep your eyes peeled!

     towerWhat are you looking forward to the most at RTX?

    For me - It's seeing all of my friends in real life. It's watching attendees make new friends and meet their heroes. It's the feeling of a job well done when we lock up for the night. It' all the hugs and high fives. It's all of the chances to problem solve and learn new things about working with a terrific team. It's the Texas sky when the sun is setting. It's the intense love of air conditioning. It's the foooooood.

  • Day 174 RTX hat

    1 day ago

    SailorGirl81 Keeper Of Kittens

    I finished my hat that I will be wearing at RTX. I'm not sure it's obnoxious enough though...


  • On Autographs (And RTX in General, Really)

    20 hours ago

    LadyOddDuck Call Me Duck

    Let me preface this by saying that everything I write here is not meant to be hate. It is honest criticism that comes from a place of deep hurt and disappointment. It's not meant to tear down, but to build up, hopefully better and stronger than it ever has been.

    I never went to RTX for the autographs. I am one of the lucky community members who was here when this place was a thriving, bustling hub of activity. Groups were super active, there were 100s of journals posted every day, and there were maybe a dozen spambots to deal with in a week. By the time I went to my first RTX in 2014, I had made a ton of friends. I was going to see them, to see panels they were on, to have fun. I don't recall even considering autographs that year.

    After that it felt like, bit by bit, the community crumbled. Things stopped receiving the attention they deserved, people started dropping out... And then, of course, the site switch. We've all ranted enough about that, I won't go into it, but suffice it to say... We lost a lot of that community feeling.

    I didn't get a pass for this RTX that came with a signing so I have no idea how the process worked this year. I do think there was a distinct lack of communication on RT or Frontgate's part when it came to pointing people to the link to sign up. I hope that's corrected next year. In addition, I fully acknowledge that there's no way we could ever possibly wipe out the complaining entirely. However, I think there's a lot RT could do to mitigate this situation in the future.

    Would people have been as upset if autographs weren't the only thing they were looking forward to doing at RTX? If the focus were on the community, would we be in this mess? I think the answer is an unequivocal "no." This issue is fundamentally tied to the way the community has disintegrated in the past 2 years. If there were a concerted effort to bring this community back to life... If more attention were given to the community and the site (including all the community-building tools we used to have)... If RT did more to help us connect to each other rather than just try to grab the attention of the staff, maybe we'd all be excited for more than just autographs.

    I guess what I'm saying is, I totally understand why you'd be upset at not getting an autograph. The culture of RTX, and the community, is not about connecting people anymore. Lots of us are trying to keep it that way, but we really can't get anywhere without it coming from the top down. Just don't get me started on the community panels this year. That would take a separate journal of its own.

    I don't know... Maybe I'm talking out of my butt here. What do you think?

    <3 Duck

  • GiFriday #30 (Guns For Hire post 1)

    1 day ago

    Myshu chupariffic

    This GiFriday's a special one!

    Last year I collaborated with @synnesai and a good fella named Sam Newmark to make this video:

    Synne was our illustrator, storyboarder and concept artist, Sam did the sounds and music, and I modeled and animated the rest.

    You can check out Synnesai's badass art pieces (character designs, sets, fake screenshots, etc) for this on her blog right here.

    It was a really fun gig, and I was happy to be a part of the team! I should probably also mention that we're not following up on this. It was just a happy one-shot idea, haha.

    Something I did to prep for this project was create test gifs for each character. This week we'll start with Blue Team!

    Synne's art:






    Next week: some rowdy Reds.

    Love y'all~

  • One Time I Ruined Miles' Life on OTS....

    2 days ago

    imkaylamarie FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Fight Me

    Yes....it's me. I'm the one who wrote the pig latin card for Episode 100 and ruined Miles' life. :D

    (Also don't worry, we hugged and made up after the cameras stopped rolling)

  • RTX: Better with Friends

    2 days ago

    EricHVela FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Anagram for cHeValiEr.

    RTX can easily become hectic, but I suggest to try to get together with friends and community and do stuff together in-between RTX-specific events at the least and together during RTX-specific events at best.

    It will take some coordination. Communication is key. Impromptu meetups are cool. Premade plans will need to be flexible. Communication is key.

    Communication is key. Find ways to keep in touch. Keep in touch. If plans change, let people know. Keep in touch. Communication is key.

    Communication is key. Keep in touch. RTX is better with friends.

    Got it? Say it. "RTX is better with friends. Communication is key. Keep in touch."

    There will be a test on this in early July.

    (Also, this should not need to be stated, but "Don't be a dink.")

  • birthday

    2 days ago


    i turn 24 today.


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